Apple has a good problem with the Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is a computer that is probably the most powerful Apple has. Or maybe not at all? Or only in its maximum configuration capacity? Be that as it may, the Mac Pro is the last of Apple’s computers still on sale with Intel processors, and it was advertised to the four winds as the professional computer by definition. But now, it seems that it is in “stand by”.

Apple has a good problem with the Mac Pro

The Mac Studio is the first problem for the Mac Pro

The Mac Studio is the most professional computer that Apple has with the M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips. It is the most recent computer in this range, and having dispensed with Intel processors, Apple likes to show off its own power. So much so that if we go to the Mac Studio page, we have comparisons made by Apple itself , where this happens:

mac pro rendimiento

The Mac Studios with the M1 Pro and M1 Max rank significantly above the Mac Pro . And even if it is in certain cases, it is about specific tasks, in terms of advertising, things are a bit strange. Apple vs. Apple? And if we keep pulling the thread on price issues, money becomes another problem for the Mac Pro (especially if we compare it again with the Mac Studio).

Well, Apple sells us a “more powerful” computer than the Mac Pro. It presents the Mac Studio as a team with more performance in certain tasks. And it introduces us to the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. But where is the Mac Pro in all this? Mac Pro uses Intel Xeon processors , and unlike the Mac Studio, its hardware is modular and expandable. And yes, it is great to have a computer that is expandable in its hardware. But at the cost of processor power?

Apple has created disparate situations between both teams

Now, if we read the “fine print” the hardware of both computers used to do the tests is detailed. And in this case, we have selected the hardware that Apple used for the 8K rendering test in Final Cut and we have configured both equipment . (Although they say they used Mac Studio prototypes, this configuration is officially available):

mac pro mac studio precio

Although both prices are very high, and according to Apple’s own criteria, we would be paying almost double the money , for a computer less than half as fast. And if we continue to follow Apple’s logic: what will happen to the Mac Pro processors? In other words: if the most recent professional range computer has Apple Silicon; Apple’s most professional laptops, too, and of its entire Mac ecosystem, the latest computer with Intel is the Mac Pro. Could we see a Mac Pro with Apple Silicon and additional modular components?

There is no doubt that Apple’s Mac Pro is a very powerful computer. Its capabilities can be significantly expanded over time (and you can even put up to 1.5TB of RAM in it). In this post we have not sought to detract from this team. Simply, to capture how Apple, trying to prove its worth on processor issues, can end up creating “holes in the script” and disparate situations like the ones we have seen occur. Only time will tell if Apple continues to bet on the Mac Pro, or if it goes to Mac Studio for good.