Websites to forget about washing and hanging your clothes

One of the most annoying tasks in our day to day is, without a doubt, washing and drying and folding clothes. Luckily, there are all kinds of websites that allow us to hire these services without having to move from home or turn on the washing machine. Home laundry pages that we can always have on hand and that allow us to contract a collection service for dirty clothes to return them clean, dry and folded without you having to do anything.

We can use them regularly or occasionally to wash a suit, to clean blankets and duvets when we take them out of the storage room… We simply have to choose everything or what we want to clean, add it to the basket and set the time.

Websites to forget about washing and hanging your clothes


One of the best known in Spain is Telelavo, which has physical establishments but we can also take care of everything by reserving it from the website. You can pay on time or use the weekly or fortnightly flat rate that allows you to wash clothes for one person or up to three people depending on what you need and the number of clothes you have to wash each time.

We can also choose a punctual laundry that you will receive in just 24 hours for 35 euros, 60 euros or 75 euros depending on the size of the basket we have.



Another of the best known in Spain is Washrocks, a website with a laundry service at home but also a dry cleaning service as well as other options: special garments, duvets, rugs, furs, vouchers…

We simply have to go to the website and look for what interests us. We can add a laundry bag of up to 5 kilograms for 14.50 euros or a 10 kilogram bag for 22.45 euros. We are adding all the products to the basket until we have everything we need in the cart. Once we have it, we simply have to choose the day and time we want the collection.

The deadlines are around 24 hours in case of availability, although you can have up to 10 days to coordinate the delivery if you are not in a hurry to do it.

Online Laundry

Another essential of the online laundry is Laundryonline that allows us laundry and dry cleaning services , only ironing or special garments such as fur or curtains and rugs. Of course, this website is not available throughout Spain but is limited to its use in the city of Barcelona.


mr jeff

Although it is not a website as such but an application, Mr Jeff is one of the classics of online laundries that allows us to download the application, schedule the laundry service, select what you need to wash, choose what you need (only wash or also wash in dry or iron) and choose the time of collection and delivery. We confirm all the details and we will only have to wait to receive the clean, dry and folded clothes at our home without any complications.

We can choose between several different plans or packages, prices and services.