Weapons in PUBG Mobile. Which one is better at each moment?

Surviving and winning a game in PUBG Mobile is not easy, since you have to know several important elements of the game for it. A clear example is the map and the possible covers, as well as the equipment you carry. However, the most important thing to take down the rest of the players is to know how to use weapons.

In the free mobile battle royale there is a huge selection of weaponry that you can find throughout the map. In this sense, it is necessary to know how each one works in order to make the most of them in combat and this is precisely the reason for the realization of this publication.

Weapons in PUBG Mobile. Which one is better at each moment

Weaponry in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile there are up to 7 types of firearms at your disposal, although of course you cannot carry all of them with you due to limited inventory space. So you must manage this aspect and bring a certain variety that allows you to stand up to all kinds of confrontations.

Submachine guns

This weapon class has low damage, but makes up for it with a pretty hefty rate of fire . The drawback it presents is that it is also characterized by its short range. So it’s meant to deal with close enemies . Our recommendation is that you use it when you enter a building or are close to your rival to riddle him with a hail of bullets.


Assault rifles

The rifle or assault rifle is the most balanced weapon in all games of this genre and PUBG Mobile is no exception. Its properties make it perfect for any time of the game, whether for short, medium and even long distance , although in the first it may be advisable to bet on another alternative. It has a remarkable damage that will help you easily finish off opponents.

Sniper rifles

For those looking to lay low in PUBG Mobile and hide in the shadows , there is no better weaponry than a sniper rifle. With them you can hide and surprise players with a single bullet that could instantly kill them if you hit them in the head. Of course, you have to be very precise and control both the speed and the fall of the bullet depending on the distance.

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Light machine guns

For medium distance , the most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile are the light machine guns, which are mainly characterized by the enormous number of bullets in their magazine. The problem is that the instability is very high and a long burst can mean that you do not fire a single bullet. They are somewhat difficult to control for this reason, but if you manage it you will be a weapon of mass destruction.


As for close range weapons the most lethal is a shotgun. So if you have a submachine gun and a shotgun it would be ideal to use the second one in closed spaces , since the dispersion of the bullet can kill an enemy in a single impact if you are very close. In this sense, it is also useful if you catch a player from behind, since you will be able to fully impact with it.



The truth is that the effectiveness of this class of weapons in PUBG Mobile is not very pronounced. This is because missing an arrow can leave you completely exposed , although if you have the enemy in your sights and you’re sure you’re not going to miss it can be deadly. Its purpose is intended not to make noise, but it is difficult to find a moment to take advantage of it.


They are the classic weapon of every shooter and the truth is that they are not as bad as they seem. The drawback is that its magazine is limited , but at short distances it can be significant due to its accuracy and damage . If you don’t have another close range weapon a pistol can be your salvation sometimes.