The big problem of summer and mobile: 'USB port disabled'

The phone accompanies us everywhere, whether we go on vacation to the beach or to the mountains. Its many uses allow us to orient ourselves with the help of GPS, to immortalize memories, although we must not forget that to a certain extent it is a delicate product that requires care.

The moment we trust ourselves, we can come across a warning that will put us on alert, such as the message ‘USB Port Disabled’. This has begun to appear in recent months on many Android phones, since, with visits to the beach and the pool, the number of affected people who encounter this problem has skyrocketed.

USB port disabled

USB fails due to water, sand or other reasons

The first thing that everyone wonders is, for what reason it appears on the phone that the USB port has been disabled. As the terminal notification indicates, it is an automatic measure that can occur for various reasons. Among the most common we find the following, which will give us the explanation we are looking for:

puerto usb inhabilitado agua

  • The USB port has water or other liquids.
  • There is dirt in the charging port.
  • Something is blocking the power to the USB port.

This protection measure was integrated into Android phones since version 10 of the operating system and continues to save us from major problems today.

Although we did not find the mobile submerged in the water, some drops may have entered and be causing this alert. The same happens with sand, earth or other elements, no matter how small, some specks can lead us to this situation.

But we cannot forget that extreme heat can also lead to this, with other types of alerts, but causing the same thing, that the charging system and file transfer via USB do not work .

How to make mobile work again

Although this measure is applied automatically, we can remove it manually from the notification, although we do not recommend it. We just have to tap on the notification and we will choose Enable USB. We should only do this if we have already made sure that there is no water or other elements that could put us in danger. Forcing its operation can be dangerous, both to charge it, to connect it to the computer or to use an accessory.


In spite of everything, the ideal is to make sure that there is nothing left inside, cleaning it carefully with a pin and drying it if necessary. We will let it rest for a few minutes and we will wait for the next time we look at the mobile, the warning will change, so that we can already use the USB input normally.

To prevent this from happening to us again, the best thing we can do is protect the phone with a good protective case and be careful so that we do not have to take the smartphone to a specialized repair center to have it fixed. If this situation continues for several hours and we are not able to solve it, the problem could get worse.