We tested the performance of the Galaxy S21 FE, is it a top phone?

We tested the performance of the Galaxy S21 FE

Among the tests that we have carried out on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE there have been those that allow us to measure the power it offers when running all kinds of applications. We are going to tell you if with this phone it is possible to edit images and videos -and also play- without encountering great limitations.

The truth is that when reviewing the main hardware inside this device, it must be said that everything points to very good manners. An example of what we say is that the processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 . This is one of the best SoCs that exist today, and it achieves this by using Kryo 680 Prime architecture since its manufacturing technology is five nanometers. To this we must add that the storage is UFS 3.1 type, so it ensures excellent speed when reading and writing information.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE encima de una mesa

Some things that are important to highlight about this device is that it does not lack a good amount of RAM so that everything works perfectly, something that we have verified because in multitasking we already anticipate that we have not detected “lag” problems. In addition, the fingerprint reader is integrated into the screen and its operation is very good. Obviously, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has support for the use of 5G networks and does not lack IP68 water protection. Come on, it does not lack anything to be considered a high-end.

nothing resists him

In regular use you will not find any problem, since we have reviewed that the user experience is magnificent, because all the applications that we have run work like a charm. We have always obtained sensations that place it among the best on the market , whether in jobs in which all the processor cores are turned on or if only one is needed, since the requirement is low level.

In addition, at no time is a bottleneck detected that causes any delay to appear when using the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. This means that the combination of RAM, internal storage and processor is very effective . Therefore, its behavior is among the best phones we have tested, but it is true that it is not among the three most powerful.

We leave below examples of the results that we have obtained in the synthetic tests that we usually use and where there are a couple of details that we have found especially interesting: temperature control is excellent in all kinds of situations and, in addition, it does not suffer much by demanding the maximum to the SoC that it uses -which is clear when using multitasking at the moment-.

can run all games

Without being a smartphone that can be considered gaming, it is true that all the games that we have played with the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE run perfectly with the highest levels of graphic quality. The results with Asphalt are very good, but those achieved with PUBG are even better. Always above 45 FPS , so the experience is excellent thanks to the good behavior of the Adreno 660 GPU.

And, be careful, when using the screen always at 120 Hz , where the capacity of the terminal could be expected to drop, the good behavior is maintained and we have to say that in this section it is one of the best Samsung phones that we have tested, already which offers an excellent quality/price ratio.

It does not lack its own application to optimize the behavior of the smartphone when playing. Its name is Game Launcher and it allows the hardware to be freed from work so that it always gives its maximum here. It is still a good option that allows an increase in performance of between 3 and 4%. It’s not crazy, but we think it’s worth using.

Android 12 and One UI 4, do they mix well?

This is the first model of the Korean firm that we have tested with this combination, and the results are quite good. Without major aesthetic changes, it is true that it seems to us a minimalist enough combination to be very easy to use. The Android customization included in the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is not a handicap in terms of resource consumption, and the wide color palette offered by the interface is striking.

Ajustes del Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Some novelties that we have found are in a new Privacy section that allows you to protect the data you have on the phone very effectively (and takes full advantage of the Knox security suite). In addition, they maintain their own applications that are already traditional in Samsung terminals, such as the Gallery or a File Manager that is of excellent quality.

very good connectivity

Leaving aside that it does not lack NFC to make mobile payments and that Bluetooth works perfectly when it comes to synchronizing any accessory, we really liked the great performance of WiFi 6 access that is included in the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE . Its stability is very good, as well as data transfer rates, so you can play or watch content in the cloud without problems .

Lateral del Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

We have also verified that access to 5G networks does not give any problem and has speeds that meet what is expected (yes, if it is used intensely, the heat rises a little more than desirable… without being dramatic). If you add to all this that its USB type C works perfectly and that options such as DeX to use the phone as a computer are maintained, it is clear that the terminal also stands out here.

complies in everything

So is this phone. Can it be considered top? Well, the truth is that when it comes to performance, yes, since nothing can resist it and whoever buys a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be more than satisfied. Also, temperature control is excellent, and we think that’s a great touch.

Trasera del Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

In short, everything you want to do can be done with this phone… and always with an excellent experience and without restrictions. In addition, the operation of Android 12 is really good , which is an addition that surely convinces more than one. In short, we can only recommend the purchase of this phone in terms of performance.