Ways to save your data after closing Samsung Cloud

Samsung had a cloud storage service known as Samsung Cloud available to them for their mobile phones. This allowed, as is usual in this type of system, the synchronization of the files of the device to keep them saved and safe against any unforeseen event.

However, the South Korean company made public last year that this service would stop offering support as of June 2021. This means that it is currently not operational and that if you did not carry out certain steps all your data will have been deleted.

Ways to save your data after closing Samsung Cloud

What option do you have

Samsung has already warned that the procedure to leave the platform would be carried out in two stages. A first one where you can migrate your data to Microsoft OneDrive and a second one where you download your data to a computer or other device. After that, in September your information would be deleted and if you have not carried out some of these previous procedures, you will not be able to recover it in any case.

If you have been one of the unsuspecting people who did not notice this movement by the company or, on the other hand, if you did not use the service and want to save your smartphone data so as not to lose it in the future, there are several possibilities for this.

Google drive

The American company has at its disposal an infinity of very useful softwares. Proof of this is Google Drive, an application that you will most likely find pre-installed on your Samsung phone.

Google Drive

Only by creating a Google account you will get 15 GB of space where you can store all kinds of files. In addition, you can select what information to synchronize on each of your devices. It is the most accessible option since you will not have to pay a single euro to use it.


The safest thing is that you know Mega as a download platform, although it also works as a cloud service. In fact, as with Google Drive, it is one of the ones that offers the most space. Specifically, with the free package you have 50 GB .

Without a doubt, it is an abysmal amount that will allow you to save a huge amount of information safely without worries. You can encrypt the documents so that only the people who request it have access.

Microsoft OneDrive

The alternative that Samsung offered to migrate your data works in a very similar way to the previous one, as you would expect. The difference is in the simplicity of their interface and also in that they do not provide the same amount of storage.


The basic account only has 5 GB . A somewhat insignificant amount due to the enormous number of files that we keep day after day in our terminal. To enjoy 50 GB you must pay 2 euros per month. A rather considerable drawback is that Microsoft reserves the right to analyze your information in search of inappropriate content, something intrusive in the user’s privacy.