How to watch premium pay channels on O2, Lowi, Simyo, Pepephone and Digi

When it comes to being able to watch premium pay television at home, there are several options that we will have at our disposal. Especially when we have a television package at the rate that we have contracted with a specific operator for our home. However, not all operators offer a television package that includes premium channels, as is the case with O2, Lowi, Pepephone, Simyo or Digi.

The only low cost company that offers some TV is Pepephone, since it has different rates that include the possibility of having Netflix. But, it is still a streaming content platform, so we do not find premium pay television channels either. For this reason, we will tell you how to see them in case you have some of these contracted operators.

How to watch premium pay channels on O2

Premium TV channels

There are several operators that also have a wide catalog of premium channels, that is, they include a package of channels in their respective rates that can be complemented with other more premium ones by paying for them. For example, we find Movistar Plus + , Orange TV and Vodafone TV . However, there are other premium TV channels that are available for O2, Lowi, Pepephone, Simyo and Digi :

  • fuboTV : This platform is available to any operator, it also includes M.Series 2, Calle 13, Syfy, MTV, Comedy Central, nickelodeon, nick jr and TDT. All for 3.99 euros .
  • Movistar+ Lite : in this case, this option is also available for any operator. This alternative includes #0, #Vamos, M.Series, Fox, TNT, TCM, amc, Comedy Central, Canal Hollywood, Disney jr, Canal Panda and Baby TV. Its price is 8 euros per month .
  • Tivify : This third alternative also has premium channels, such as AXN, CNN, Calle 13 or TNT. But, for this, we will need the premium plan that is priced at 7.99 euros per month .

Canales gratis en Tivify

More options without premium channels

Within all the alternatives that we find when it comes to being able to watch different television channels, we will always have other alternatives available for which we will not have to pay. Basically, because they do not include paid premium channels . Among the platforms that we find are the following options:

  • rlaxx TV : the German platform arrived in Spain in 2021 and offers all kinds of content. Among its catalog we find more than 50 free channels.
  • Pluto TV : In the case of this AVOD (advertising-based video on demand) platform, we find a wide range of channels, since it offers us more than 100 options totally free.
  • Plex TV : the catalog of this platform has been growing considerably. Currently, Plex offers 200 free TV channels .
  • Rakuten TV : Within this platform, we find different categories and, most importantly, we will enjoy more than 80 free channels .

And not only do we find the positive point of having access to hundreds of alternatives for free if we add up all the options offered by these platforms with TV channels, but we also don’t need to register to consume their content. We can even view it from different devices, be it from the smartphone, a Smart TV, tablet or computer.

rakuten tv