Warzone at 120 FPS on PS5 Thanks to the Season 4 Update

Warzone at 120 FPS on PS5 Thanks to the Season 4 Update

Finally Warzone on PS5 is already at the height of the Xbox Series X version. The PlayStation version has finally received an update of those silent with which to offer maximum performance on PS5 with the appropriate monitors and Smart TVs, already that the game now runs the magnificent 120 images per second .

Improved Warzone on PS5

Warzone rambo

It was curious that, knowing that PlayStation has some temporary exclusives that allow its users to enjoy exclusive Call of Duty modes that are not available on Xbox, the Sony console was left out of one of the characteristics that most define the game. new generation: the highest possible frame rate.

Xbox Series X received the update a long time ago with which to enjoy this speed of images per second. It was an unexpected update and did not describe the change applied at any time, but users could clearly see that the game ran faster on compatible screens.

Well, it seems that months later the limitation of frames has also expanded on PS5, since the Warzone season 4 patch has finally included the possibility of playing at 120 FPS from PS5 , as long as you have the monitor and the Suitable Smart TV (must support this mode) and use a suitable HDMI 2.1 cable. And it is that if you do not use a cable of this type, you will not be able to obtain the necessary bandwidth to achieve such a high frame rate in 4K resolution.

Season 4 is here

Warzone temporada 4

Just because of this addition, many of the PS5 users will immediately update their game to obtain this improvement that will allow them to obtain not only a more striking visual appearance with smoother and more fluid movements, but also obtain a lower response time with getting shots. more accurate at the moment of pressing the button.

To get this new update you will only have to update the game from the PlayStation library and you do not have automatic downloads active. The summary of general changes introduced with the update is as follows:

  • Added 120hz support for PS5
    • Requires HDMI 2.1
  • Downed players who log out will now allow their death to be counted and drop all loot. This includes players who disconnect in the middle of a collision with another player.
  • Challenge progression – The font size of the challenges and their descriptions has been increased.
  • 8 new LGBTQIA + flags have been added to the game card.
    • All flags free for everyone. They will be available in the barracks section
    • These 8 cards are available along with the 6 Pride cards that were already available, adding a total of 14 flags that will represent Pride month. As part of our celebration, we’ve added the 8 new flags to all players! Diversity and inclusion are important, and we are excited to expand our LGBTQIA + representation in the game in honor of Pride month.