Waiting for the message … How to Fix This WhatsApp Error?

whatsapp-mobileOne of the first things we do when we buy a new mobile phone is to install WhatsApp . Or when we format it, for example. In those cases you may see that the application takes a while to start up or that your messages have disappeared and are now displayed with “Waiting for the message. This may take time ”instead of what the other person has written to you. Do not be alarmed.

If you have disconnected WhatsApp or uninstalled and reopened it, you may have seen this message in some conversation in the application. You will see this message instead of what your contact originally wrote to you. But it is not a dramatic failure in the courier service nor will it last forever, it has a solution, it has an explanation and we will summarize what is due and how you can avoid it.

Why does the message appear?

As they explain from the company itself, if it comes out “Waiting for the message. This may take a while ”in WhatsApp is because there is a failure in end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption aims to seek greater privacy in your messages and that means that only the recipient and the sender can read them.

To do this, everything you write has a unique code that is created automatically. But for end-to-end encryption to work, the mobile phone must be online. If you are not online to be able to encrypt the message, this error will appear on your screen.

Normally, if you have seen the message “Waiting for the message. This may take a while ”is because you have reinstalled WhatsApp after uninstalling it or have deleted data and started again and have been written to you while you did not have the application installed. It can also happen in case the person you are talking to has reinstalled WhatsApp recently.

How is it solved?

You will not have to do anything special for the messages to be as they were in a few minutes . When the other person reopens WhatsApp or when the application stabilizes, what they told you at that time will appear. The other person, the one who sent the message, must be online so that the text can be encrypted and sent back to your mobile.

If you want to speed up the process and have confidence with that person, you can contact her to open the messaging application on her mobile phone and the messages will reappear in their original form. If you don’t want to do it, it will be a matter of time before they are restored so don’t despair or be alarmed.

What if it is not fixed?

WhatsApp ensures that the most common way is to contact that person to open the application on your mobile device. Thus, it should be enough to solve it. It’s simple, fast and should be enough … But it isn’t always.

If it has not been fixed even if the other person has already opened WhatsApp on your mobile and you still see “Waiting for the message. This may take a while. ”You can try to access the backup of the messages and reinstall.

  • Go to WhatsApp
  • Open the Settings section of the messaging application
  • Go to Chats
  • Choose the Backup option
  • Make a backup copy of the chats in Google Drive
  • Go to Settings on your mobile phone
  • Enter Applications
  • Search WhatsApp
  • Choose the Uninstall option
  • Download and install WhatsApp again
  • Open the backup that is available
  • Recover the messages

Copia de seguridad de WhatsApp - esperando el mensaje

Messages that would appear on hold, after deleting the application and reinstalling, are very likely to be available again and you can read them. Of course, it is a more expensive process than asking that person what he had said.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that you have the latest version of WhatsApp updated . It is possible that it is a specific failure and that it has been solved in later versions of the system. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to your app store
  • Search WhatsApp
  • Check if there are any pending updates
  • If so, click on Update