This VLC setting will allow us to play our 3D movies

A few years ago, 3D movies became fashionable, either for viewing at the cinema or to play them in the living room. If we are good moviegoers, it is possible that we could have fallen into the clutches of 3D and started our collection to enjoy them at home on a television of large proportions for greater immersion. What we may not know is that we do not need a physical player to play them, as we can use a hidden function that VLC incorporates.

VLC Media Player is undoubtedly the most popular media player in the world. It stands out for being free, multi-format and having support for almost all audio and video files, including 3D videos . To this is added an enormous stability and reliability in its operation, together with a wide number of functions and characteristics that in many cases go unnoticed by the users themselves. One of these features is the possibility of being used to reproduce our own movies that we have in 3D.

VLC setting will allow us to play our 3D movies

Essential requirements for watching 3D movies

To be able to view 3D movies with VLC correctly, a series of prerequisites will be necessary. On the one hand, we will need a computer connected to a television or a monitor that offers 3D compatibility via HDMI 1.4 cable. It is true that currently it is almost impossible to find 3D TVs or monitors, so if we have one, we must treat it almost like a collector’s gem.

On the other hand, we must have the original Blu-Ray 3D movie together with a Blu-Ray player on our computer so that it is able to read it. Otherwise, a video downloaded in 3D can also be worth it, usually in SBS format. Along with this, compatible 3D glasses are essential.

Finally, we will use the VLC Media Player that we must have downloaded and installed on our computer. If we don’t have it yet, we can download it for free from this link .

The adjustment that we must make in VLC

There are many users who use VLC Media Player and are unaware of this function that allows us to see movements and 3D content . To do this, you just have to make a small modification within its settings and it will be ready to play all kinds of 3D content. For this we are going to open the VLC Media Player so that its interface appears. In it we are going to click on the “Tools” option that we find within the options on the top bar. This will open a menu where we must choose the option “Effects and filters”.

VLC Efectos y filtros

Next, a new window called “Effects and filters” opens, where we must click on the Video Effects tab. This will make us have several more tabs available. We will have to scroll to the right to click on the “Advanced” tab.

VLC activar anaglifo 3D

Finally, once in the Advanced tab, we must check the box corresponding to the 3D Anaglyph option. The anaglyph 3D images are those images that contain two images of differently filtered colors, one for each eye, so they will be in charge of making our 3D movies playable. Now we just have to put on our glasses and start playing.