Virtual RAM memory, is it recommended for any mobile?

During the last months we have been hearing that different manufacturers are launching updates for their mobiles that allow them to have more RAM available. Something known as virtual RAM , which can technically reach any phone, because it is a software update, but we wonder if it is recommended for all phones.

Not only some mobiles are being updated to be able to have the possibility of having more RAM memory. But also many others are coming to the market with this option by default in their operating system, but of course it is a function that is not always necessary in many phones.

A fashionable function

As you have seen in recent months, it seems that manufacturers have agreed to update their phones with this interesting function, since brands such as Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo or Samsung are launching updates that allow you to expand the RAM memory.

Virtual RAM memory

Logically we are talking about doing it from the software, and not from the hardware, deriving some resources from the phone to have more RAM. Something that directly affects the storage of the mobile phone, since that extra RAM memory is taken away from this type of storage of our phone. This means that if we gain 2GB of RAM, we will lose the same gigabytes of storage, so it is not something that is free.

When is it advisable to activate it?

Basically this is a perfect function for those mid-range or entry phones that are a bit tight on RAM . For example, if they have 3GB or 4GB, it is a good option to earn a couple of gigs to be able to have a more fluid multitasking. Of course, it is recommended if the storage of our phone is usually quite free, with a high percentage of unused.

Ver memoria RAM libre en un Xiaomi

It is also especially recommended if our mobile has a fast storage memory, for example UFS 2.1 or 3.1, this guarantees a use of storage as RAM with a reading and writing speed closer to traditional RAM.

Not always a good alternative

When we speak with mobiles with 16GB or 32GB of internal storage, this function is not recommended, because the most normal thing is that we do not have enough free memory to be able to allocate these gigs to RAM. In addition, the more basic the phone is, the slower its storage memory will be, this means that the operation as RAM memory will not be as beneficial as in another more powerful mobile.

ram movil

Hence, manufacturers are not launching these updates en masse on their mobiles, but they choose very well which, due to their characteristics, can offer a good user experience using this virtual RAM. So it is an excellent function for our mobiles, but it is recommended only under certain conditions, especially in mid-range mobiles, because in the entry level it is more difficult to make room for this memory with guarantees, and in the high range it is not necessary to pull it directly in most cases, since these phones themselves offer excellent performance. And, as you can see, RAM and storage memory are closely related.