How to View Two Pages of a PDF at the Same Time in Chrome

The Google Chrome PDF document viewer is one of the most useful and time-saving browser tools. Thanks to it we can open streaming any document that we access from a web page, without the need to download it. If we want to save it, we can also do it from the viewer itself. However, compared to other viewers, this may be too basic for some users. Luckily, Google is working on renewing it to make it more complete and to improve the experience of its users.

The main functions offered by the Chrome PDF viewer is the possibility of reading, viewing and printing PDF documents. Or download them using the save function to have a copy on our computer. But little else. And one of the main limitations of this Chrome PDF viewer that most users complain about is the view mode. The Google browser allows us to see a page of a complete document on the screen, zoom or adjust it to the width of it, but nothing more.


From now on, Chrome is going to have a very useful new view mode, especially for users who have very large screens on the computer: a view of two pages at the same time.

Activate the new function to see two pages of the same PDF document

At the moment, this novelty is in the experimental phase, so, in addition to being only available in Google Chrome Canary , we will have to enable it manually. To do this, the first thing we must do is make sure we are using the Canary version of the Google browser, since in the beta and stable versions it is not yet available.

If we comply, the next step will be to activate this experimental function. To do this, we write the following in the address bar of the browser and mark the following box as “Enabled”.

chrome: // flags / # pdf-two-up-view

Habilitar vista dos páginas PDF Chrome

We restart the browser and ready. From now on, when we open a PDF document in it we will be able to see a new button that will allow us to activate the split view with which we can see two pages of a document at the same time.

PDF en dos páginas en Chrome

At the moment it is not known when this new feature will arrive to all users, but it is expected that in about two versions of Chrome. When it does, if Google considers it stable enough, it will be enabled and available to all users of the stable version of the browser.

What to do if Chrome doesn’t open PDFs automatically

Within the Google Chrome settings we can find several options related to downloading files. One of them is the one that allows us to choose if, when downloading a PDF , we want it to open automatically with Chrome, or if we prefer to save it on the PC and open it with another program, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader .

In case the browser is not automatically opening the PDFs, chances are that we have this option disabled. To activate it, what we must do is access the following link:

chrome: // settings / content / pdfDocuments

Once there, we locate the option “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome”, and make sure that it is disabled. If so, Chrome is configured to open streaming the PDF documents that we open from the browser instead of downloading them and saving them on the PC.