How to view your saved passwords on iPhone, iPad and Mac

PasswordOne of the security recommendations that we have always given when creating a password on the internet is that it is complete and includes a combination of letters and numbers that do not follow a specific pattern . With this advice we can avoid hacking our account in most cases, but it may be very difficult for us to remember it, so we must use password managers to have them stored.

On our iPhone, iPad and Mac we can find a native password manager found in the iCloud cloud itself. With this manager we can store all passwords and use them at all times to log in in a simple and secure way.

In addition, the manager himself will recommend secure passwords when he detects that we are registering on a new website. In addition to being stored in iCloud the password that we store on our iPhone we will have it at the moment on the Mac to log in.

On certain occasions we have to check the password of any login to give them to a friend for example to enter our Netflix account and the question that many people ask is … where can I see my stored passwords?

How to view iCloud keychain passwords on iPhone or iPad

The process to see the login data is relatively simple, but it will depend on the operating system that we have installed on our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If we are in iOS 12 or later you must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Accounts and passwords> Website and app passwords.
  2. We must identify ourselves through Face ID, Touch ID or our password.
  3. We will search the website from which we want to check the login data and see both the user and the password and the website.

ver contraseñas iPhone

In the case that we are in iOS 11, simply in the first step the route will be ‘Settings> Accounts and passwords> App and website passwords’.

Something that can attract attention is that if we enter to consult the password of a website and we want to take a screenshot to pass it on to someone, the password will not appear in the capture.

This is obviously a security measure that Apple uses to protect our passwords and that we also observe for example when we want to make a screen to a scene of some Apple TV + series since it comes out in black.

How to view the passwords of the iCloud keychain on Mac

In addition to iPhone, iPad or iPod, we can also check the passwords on our Mac, since in the end the information is shared among all our computers. To consult this information we must follow the following steps:

  1. We run Safari and in the top toolbar we go to Safari> Preferences.
  2. In the settings window we will select the ‘Passwords’ option and enter the Mac login password.
  3. Clicking on a specific website will show the password to the right, while the rest will remain hidden until we click on that specific site.

Consultar contraseñas Mac

But the iCloud keychain has some limitations such as that we can only use it in Safari with the autofill mode but not in other browsers. In addition, if you work daily with Apple products and also Windows or Android we will have problems since passwords cannot be synchronized. In these cases you should use other alternatives such as 1Password.