8 Tips to Avoid Botnet Attacks on Your Computer

botnetHackers are constantly looking for ways to innovate their attacks. There are many types of threats that we can face in our day to day. Luckily we also have a wide range of possibilities in terms of security tools to protect ourselves. However, this is usually not enough and common sense and other defense techniques are also vital. In this article we are going to talk about botnet attacks . We will explain how to prevent them from affecting our devices.

What is a botnet?

When we talk about botnet, we mean a term that refers to a network of computers used by cybercriminals to carry out their attacks. That network can be composed of very diverse devices and any of those we have in our day to day could be affected.

Many name this problem as an army of zombie teams . We could say that we are facing devices controlled by hackers and that they act according to their orders. They can distribute malware, recruit new devices, participate in spam campaigns, etc.

It can be tens, hundreds or thousands of devices that are part of a botnet network . Without doubt one of the most common uses is to carry out DDoS attacks. Nowadays it is considered as one of the most important threats that can put large companies in check.

But in addition to all this, a botnet can act to steal data and confidential information . This can affect both private users and companies. That is why it is vital to protect against such threats. We will give a series of tips for this. The goal is that our devices are always properly protected.

How to avoid being a victim of botnet attacks

Enable the firewall

Among all the security tools we have at our disposal, the firewall or firewall is one of the most important to prevent network attacks. If we want to protect ourselves from botnet attacks, one of the first steps we must take is to enable the firewall.

Today, most desktop users use Windows 10 as the operating system. This means that they have the Windows firewall for free . It is a good option, although there are more. Of course, it is key that this firewall is configured correctly.

Limit network sharing with other computers

It is true that we live in a time when it can be important that all our devices are connected in the same network . It is a way to be able to share files or functions quickly. Now this can also be a problem for our security.

Our advice to protect ourselves from botnet attacks is to limit the fact that the devices are shared on the network. This must be applied logically when this type of services we will not need.

Use data filtering

Botnet malware generally works by establishing interactions with at least one command and remote control server, which hackers also use to extract confidential information. To block malicious interactions and prevent attacks, we can use data filtering in the information that comes out of the network.

Secure our network with extra layers

Something that cannot be missed is to completely secure our network. But if we really want to increase security against botnet attacks, it is important that we implement additional functions. This must be applied especially if we want to protect a company from attacks of this type.

Improve network monitoring

Having control over the use of the network , the devices that are connected, is also very important. 24-hour monitoring of network activity should be something to consider. For this we can make use of data collection tools that detect anomalous behaviors and block attempts to infiltrate the system.

Have the system updated correctly

Another vital point is the issue of updates and security patches . Many types of threats come through existing vulnerabilities. It is very important that we have the latest versions installed. This way we can prevent potential hackers from taking advantage of these security flaws to carry out their attacks.

Use strong and complex passwords

On many occasions botnet attacks arrive through devices that use generic passwords. This is a very important problem and should be avoided. Our advice is to always change the keys that come from the factory, both the router and any other equipment.

A good password is one that is completely random and unique. You must have letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols.

Beware of downloads

When it comes to downloading from the Internet it is one of the gateways for malware. Be careful in this regard and download only legitimate software and from official sites. Especially you have to be careful with P2P downloads, as it is one of the means to carry out such attacks.