Use WiFi and Bluetooth in Windows 11: Intel Already Offers Support

Intel is known to be one of the largest manufacturers of devices for computers. Surely most users know it for its processors, although they also manufacture other pieces of hardware such as graphics cards, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. If we have a computer with some of these elements, we should know that, thanks to its latest update, we will have full compatibility for Windows 11.

The new Microsoft operating system is expected to be officially available next October, so if we are going to update it will be important to have the maximum compatibility of all the components of our equipment. With the new version recently released of the drivers for WiFi and Bluetooth by Intel, we will get Windows 11 compatibility for a better experience with our wireless connections when we release this new version of the operating system.

Use WiFi and Bluetooth in Windows 11

Windows 11 Compatible Wireless Drivers

It has been a month since Intel has been in charge of launching its update for graphics cards to offer support for Windows 11. Now the American company has validated its wireless drivers for WiFi and Bluetooth (August 2021) to be compatible with version 21H2 of Windows 11 which is expected to be released next October. Along with this important development, this new driver update also incorporates important bug fixes related to Microsoft Teams audio quality.

WiFi driver update is available for the following wireless adapters

  • 70.0.6 for AX210 / AX201 / AX200 / 9560/9260/9462/9461.
  • 70.25.2 for 8265/8260.
  • 51.37.2 for 7265 (Rev. D) / 3165/3168.

For Bluetooth drivers, the driver update is available for:

  • Driver version – AX210, AX201, AX200, 9560, 9462, 9461.
  • Drivers with version – 9260, 8260, 18260, 8265, 18265.
  • Driver version – 3168, 3165, 7265, 17265.

Intel has confirmed for this final version of its drivers support for Windows 11 has been added, as well as improvements in the quality of the audio in Microsoft equipment when we use our Bluetooth headsets for calls. There have also been corrected bugs in Bluetooth mouse movements that were not as smooth as they should be and a bug with LG TVs that are not able to connect with Miracast when using an Intel WiFi adapter.

How to Download the New Intel Drivers

This new update is available through Windows Update if we use Windows 10 and our computer is compatible with the manufacturer. That is why it should appear automatically for installation, so it will not be necessary to use any external program. In this way we ensure full compatibility of these wireless adapters once we update to Windows 11 soon.

Descargar controladores Intel

However, in the event that we have an Intel Bluetooth or WiFi adapter and we have not received the update through Windows Upate, we can use their support tool called Intel Driver & Support Assistant (DSA) , which we can download for free from your web page . Once downloaded and installed, we open the Intel Update Assistant tool and search for updates. Later, once all the available updates appear, we can download and install them from the wizard itself.