Use these settings on your iPhone so they don't spy on you

Privacy and security have been two fundamental issues for all members of the Californian company. Proof of this is found in the news that Apple includes in all its system updates, which always include security and privacy measures. In this post, we are going to see how to improve privacy on our iPhone.

Use these settings on your iPhone so they don't spy on you

Privacy and security, the essence of Apple

When we browse the internet or through applications that we have downloaded to our iPhone, they can access personal and sensitive information. Apple, aware of this, for several generations, at the Developers Conference, presents the new security options so that its users can avoid accessing their information, because it considers that user privacy is an intrinsic element of this and that no one should have access to it.

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Privacy settings

Next we are going to see some options that we can easily activate from the iPhone to improve the security and privacy of our device against third-party apps.

  • App tracking: from iOS 14 there is the possibility of being able to determine if we want applications to track us or not, that is, if we want the application to access personal information. To do this, you have to go to Settings and look for “App tracking” there you can determine which applications we want to access private content.

  • Privacy report: a year later, from iOS 15, the privacy report option was added, which is in the Settings, where we will have to enable it. This application does not prevent other applications from accessing our information, but it will give us information about the applications we have on our iPhone and how they work from an information access point of view.
  • Safari: From Safari they can track us very easily, because if we go to Safari Settings we have to make sure that we have disabled functions such as “No cross-site tracking”, block all cookies, advertising analysis that protects privacy. In this way, it is like Safari and the pages that we access from it cannot be accessed on our mobile device.
  • Microphone, camera and location: There is no doubt that applications access such important functions as microphone, camera and location. In this sense, Apple informs us when it accesses the applications, but we do want to prevent them from accessing it at all times. We can click on the applications in Settings and eliminate the possibility of access. Many times, these options are activated by default so that you have to be the one to deactivate it.

Is it worth disabling all features?

Many users will think that having all the options deactivated may be somewhat exaggerated because they are specific situations and that in other ways, they will be able to access our information through actions of third parties.

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The security and privacy of all of us must be taken into account as a matter of first necessity because we live in a world where we do not know for sure where all the information we generate through the Internet is stored and that we are the clients of the big companies. companies who have to precarious for it.

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