How to use Smart Photo Classification on Huawei phones

One of the uses we give our smartphones the most is to take pictures of ourselves, either with people we have just met or with those we normally go out with, or even of ourselves. For this reason, it is common that today we accumulate an immense amount of images in the gallery of our mobile device. But thankfully, Huawei makes it easy for us with Smart Photo Sorting.

Smart Photo Classification on Huawei phones

In addition, we will not have to download any type of third-party app or anything like that, since for this we will only have to master this function that is integrated into the EMUI gallery of the mobile devices of the Chinese firm. And, this simple functionality can make a difference when looking for a snapshot that we took in its day and that, now, is difficult to find among the overwhelming number of photographs that we have been storing over time.

Smart photo classification

One of the strengths that every smartphone offers us today is the fact that it is used as a camera that we always carry in our pockets. So, on many occasions, when taking hundreds of snapshots with our Android device it is not so easy not only to navigate through all of them, but it is almost impossible to find the image we were looking for at that time.

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However, Huawei makes things easier for us than ever with a functionality known as Intelligent Photo Classification , which is based on advanced artificial intelligence technology. With it, our mobile device of the Chinese firm will be able to analyze and organize each and every one of the images that we have within the terminal’s own gallery depending on the content that comes out.

And the best of all is that, once they are sorted by specific categories, such as, for example, a person, we can always locate them through that category. But, the important thing today is not the categories, but the fact that the smartphone is capable of detecting and classifying the images that we have by the faces of those that appear in the different snapshots that we have stored on our mobile device within this app native. However, we will have to learn how to use it, and for this, you will need to continue reading.

Usage guide

The first thing we should know is that, once we have taken a sufficient number of images, the Gallery app of our Huawei will automatically create those albums of People or, even, groups, only identifying the different faces that They appear in these snapshots that we had taken with the camera of our smartphone. And not only this, but if it is an image that we have stored in our gallery , but that was made with another phone, do not worry, because it will also organize it. Mind you, this will happen when your device is charging and the screen is off.

After clarifying these points, it is time to see all those aspects that we must take into account to master this functionality that is included in the gallery of images of Huawei smartphones.

In order to start, we will have to access Gallery and click on the Discover option that we will find in the lower right corner of the screen, as it appears in the following image. Now, it is time to talk about the different points that we can configure.

Viewing People’s Albums

If, for example, we are taking many images with our friends, family, colleagues, etc … The Gallery will identify their faces and automatically create the People album. So it won’t be necessary for you to start creating it on your own. In addition, as we said before, you will not have to worry that the performance is worse if you are using your phone, as well as the energy consumption, since this action is carried out while our phone is charging and, above all, if the own screen is off.

Clasificación inteligente de fotos Huawei

In addition, one of the strengths is that we will also have the possibility to change the name of the folders in which the people who appear in the images will be stored. Therefore, to see this category, we will have to enter Gallery > Discover and search People > More .

Edit or delete a person

Once we have entered this section of this Huawei mobile tool, it will be time to see how we can add a person and what elements we can configure from them. Even how will the steps we must follow if we want to eliminate that our smartphone continues to detect a face.

Once inside the People category, we will have to click on a person who appears and has their own album and click on the three dots. At that moment, a drop-down will open with two options: Edit and Delete this person . Within the first option, we can add the name we want, as well as the fact of choosing the main cover of that person’s album .

Añadir nombres a personas Galería Huawei

In addition, we will also have the possibility of adding the degree of kinship the link we have with her among the wide variety of options that it offers us. On the other hand, if we click on the second option to delete, we will delete this specific person and that the mobile does not add more images to this album.

How to delete a portrait

Another option that we will have at our disposal within the gallery of Huawei smartphones will be to delete an image from a specific album , in this case it will be the one of the different portraits that we have been storing on our mobile device. To achieve this, we will only have to follow a few very simple steps.

First, select the snapshot you want to delete, but make sure you are in the correct album. Then, keep it pressed until it is shown with a blue tick icon, then click on the icon that looks like a doll to delete it from this album. However, the Asian firm makes it clear that not all images can be deleted from albums created by categories.