How to Use the Photo Booth Mode of Instagram Stories Step by Step

Instagram knows that the only way to compete with other platforms and especially against TikTok is by offering new and better tools. Hence, Remix was recently presented, an option that allows you to create new Reels from those that have already been published. But that’s not the only new tool, we show you how to use the photo booth option on Instagram.

How to use the Instagram Stories Photo Booth

Most of us all get a good number of updates from time to time to the applications we normally use on our phone. This implies that in the long run we stop paying attention to the notes that are added in each update, thus causing us to stop knowing each and every one of the news included.

How to Use the Photo Booth Mode of Instagram Stories

And when it comes to issues that affect stability and performance, we may care a little less, but when it comes to new features, things change. Because sometimes we get overly complicated when it comes to highlighting a specific task and we resort to one or more third-party apps plus a flow that is not really optimal. Especially if through a native option we can already do it on the platform where what we want to share with others will end.

A clear example of this happens very frequently with Instagram. The social network, in its eagerness to compete and steal the spotlight from TikTok, is adding a series of new tools that allow us to do more and more things and always with a creative approach.

One of these new creative options is called Photo Booth , a function that, as you can imagine, will allow you to take a series of photographs one after the other and then result in a type of story that can give a lot of play and will remind you of those photo booths. in which you got involved with friends, or that girl or boy that you liked.

So, if you find it interesting, keep reading because we are going to show you step by step how photo booth works on Instagram stories .

  1. The first thing you should do is make sure that the Instagram app is updated to its latest version
  2. Once done, open the application on your mobile device
  3. Now, swipe from right to left to create a new Story or tap on the interface button (located at the top right) to do the same
  4. Now, on the left side you will see different tools offered by Instagram Stories, one of them will be Photobooh or Photobooth
  5. Once selected you will see that the appearance of the shutter changes and you see a new shutter button with the icon of four photos
  6. When you press the shutter, a countdown will begin and a total of four images will be taken immediately.

  1. Once the four photos have been taken, you will see the preview of them in a sequence where even the flash of the flash is simulated as a transition between one and the other
  2. This transition effect can be modified by touching the new icon that appears at the top, where the classic stickers, texts, etc. are located. Select the one you like the most of all
  3. Finally, you can add other elements in the same way as you would with a conventional story
  4. Once you have everything, it will be ready to publish the new story with a photo booth effect

More dynamism for your Instagram stories

As you can see, this new tool introduced by Instagram for its stories allows you to create more dynamic content without having to bet on video or resort to third-party applications. In addition, you can continue to use other types of elements that provide more value and attractiveness.

The only problem with this and many more options added by the social network is that, despite the novelty indicators and some other publication on its official blog (although it is not usually accessed by the user on foot), they cannot communicate or be shown in a clearer way with their respective updates that introduce them.

So either you are investigating from time to time the options offered by the application or you follow us, because here we try to tell you all those interesting aspects to get more out of the main social networks.