Use an alternative email? You may have these problems

When using email , one option is to have an alternate account. This has different advantages, such as preventing Spam from entering the main account or our data being leaked. However, it also has some negative points, as we will see. This can bring us problems if we do not manage it properly. We will talk about it in this article.

Different types of alternative emails

use an alternative email

Not all alternative emails are the same. We can create an account with our name but changing the service we use, for example. Simply with this we will have a second account that we can use to register on the Internet or divide the personal from the work. But we also have other options such as disposable emails .

The latter are useful for not flooding the spam inbox and we can use them to register for something specific. However, keep in mind that they have a certain time until they are no longer available. In addition, they will not have the guarantees of a more stable provider.

However, whatever option we take, this type of email will have some common points when it comes to being an alternative to the main one. Some of these factors are not so positive and we may have certain problems or limitations, as we are going to explain.

Limitations of disposable emails

Alternative emails , but especially those that are disposable, are going to have a number of important limitations. We may even have privacy issues, as we will see. This means that we must be careful when using them and know very well at all times if it really suits us.

Less private services

The first problem that we can have when using an alternative email, especially if it is a disposable one, is that privacy is not always present. They are services that are not at all oriented towards improving security and preventing information from being leaked when we send or receive an email.

After all, they are services created to generate addresses easily, quickly and without the clear objective that the content may be encrypted. We will have more limitations in this regard and that will mean that it is not the best option in many cases.

We can lose important emails

It should also be mentioned that we can lose emails that we have stored. This is going to happen when we use a disposable e-mail. Some may expire even a few minutes after you have created the account. However, even if it lasts a few months until they are deleted, we may have stored emails that we may need in the future and lose them.

We must also take this into account when we are going to opt for this type of alternative. It is another factor to put in the balance so as not to have complications in the future that may affect us.

Emails can arrive as spam

This point is also directly related to the e-mail service that we use. It may be classified as doubtful and, when sending an e-mail, our mail ends up in the Spam tray of the account to which we are sending a document or simply a message.

This could cause it to never be read. Normally, users automatically delete emails classified as junk and they can also sneak some that are really reliable and there would be no problems reading them.

Provider can close

Perhaps we have signed up for an alternative email address that is new or has no real guarantee that it will continue over time. If we use platforms like Outlook or Gmail, we are sure that they have been working without problems for years and it would be very rare for our account to become unavailable .

But this does not happen when using alternative services that stop being profitable overnight and decide to close them. We can lose access to the account and all the content that we have saved if we are careless.