How to use a Huawei mobile if you have forgotten the password

Nobody wants to have to face this moment, but sometimes it may happen to us that we forget the security password or pin to access our Huawei . A problem that significantly complicates our existence and makes us face a serious problem. Whether we have a Huawei mobile or another, as well as in different versions of EMUI, the solution is complicated, but it exists.

use a Huawei mobile if you have forgotten the password

Mobile security is recommended in order to protect our files, photos and other elements, although in situations in which we forget the protection method we will be in trouble. Without access to the smartphone, we will also not be able to rescue elements of the phone, unless we have a MicroSD card, which we will be able to extract to connect it to a computer and save the data from it.

Access without password

In case we have a mobile phone that uses the old Android version 4.4 or earlier, to be able to access the mobile we just have to enter the code several times wrong, an option will appear that asks us if we have forgotten the password , which It is one of the few simple options to use a Huawei mobile without a password. If we have the mobile connected to the Internet, just click on this question to unlock the device with our Google account or with the help of a text message.

Huawei P30 en la mano

However, in most cases the phone will be more modern and this method does not work, because as Huawei mentions in its privacy policy, there is no simple solution:

Huawei phones strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations. To protect user privacy, data is encrypted using lock screen password according to irreversible algorithm. There are no reserved back doors. Data can only be decrypted when the preset password has been entered. In terms of technical implementation, there is no way to access the phone system without the correct lock screen password.

That is why we have to resort to methods that manufacturers do not take care of, but that are of great help to us in emergency situations such as the one we face.


More advanced users will know this method to unlock the mobile without a password, although it is available to anyone who has a computer to follow the steps that we are going to explain and that will allow you to use the Huawei mobile again without security . We must mention first of all, that it is an advanced option and that it can carry risks if we do not complete the steps correctly, so it is only recommended to imitate it in terminals that no longer have a guarantee or in which we do not have much hope.

  1. We connect the mobile on via USB to the computer.
  2. We wait for the PC to recognize it
  3. We look for and open Command Prompt.
  4. Then we write or copy each of the following commands:
    1. adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key
    2. adb shell
      cd /data/data/
      sqlite3 settings.db
      update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lock
      pattern autolock’;
      update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;
    3. adb devices
      adb shell
      cd / data / system
      rm * .key
      rm * .key
      adb reboot

At the end, the mobile will restart and we will be able to unlock the mobile without a pattern, pin or password to protect it. However, it will be released to other users and for it to smoke the security system again we will have to recover all the important files and then protect it to return to the factory state with the following method.

Reset it

One of the alternatives that will help us to be able to use the mobile is to return it to the factory state, a process in which we will erase all the elements that are inside, including photos, videos, files, notes and any type of information. Only those who are safe from the hand of the backup will be protected. A method that we are going to complete from the Hard Reset since we cannot get to the menu.

  1. We turn off the mobile.
  2. We press and hold the power button and the volume up button at the same time until the vibration.
  3. Then the EMUI recovery menu will appear (where we move with the volume controls and accept with the power button)
  4. We choose Wipe data / factory reset.
  5. We confirm the action.
  6. We wait until it is completed.
  7. It will turn on to start the mobile configuration without password and as new.

Is it a security breach?

Although we have known several methods that will allow us to use the Huawei mobile again without a password in EMUI, it is not an error. Huawei itself and Android comply with all the established measures, although there are always barriers that allow us to do with the mobile all those we want. The options that could violate our peace of mind is the one that occurs in those smartphones with very old versions of Android and most of which are already in disuse.


The alternative based on ADB can also raise this serious question and it is likely that at some point Android will block this option. However, for now it is feasible and continues to allow us in emergencies to get out of trouble. Being a Linux-based system, there are always developers who find a way to get access despite the security . Finally, the option that resets the phone does not pose any risk, since the mobile begins a new life with a new password.

Avoid repeating

In order not to face this problem again, we have to rely on other security methods available on Huawei phones. Among the alternatives we have easy unlocking and security based on the fingerprint reader. We can configure our combined method or methods from the following section:

  • We enter Settings.
  • Click on Biometric data and password.
  • We choose our favorite option and configure it

In any case, it is necessary that we sign up or remember without ever forgetting the classic security method. Huawei will ask us for the main security method every 72 hours to make sure that we are the ones who are using the mobile and continuously keep everything we can save on it safe. This will also happen every time we turn on the terminal.