How to save battery on OPPO mobiles

One of the points to which we are always paying close attention is the percentage of the battery that we have left in our mobile device. However, no matter how much we use the telephone a few times a day, the energy ends up decreasing more than necessary. But, luckily for you, if you have an OPPO mobile in your hands, it is time for you to take a look at these series of adjustments to gain more autonomy in your day-to-day life.

The most positive part is that within the customization layer of the phones of the Chinese firm, ColorOS , we have different tools that will help us to give a little extra to the battery life of the mobile device. So that, at the end of the day, we do not have to suffer with spending all day checking whether or not we will have the necessary battery to make a call, listen to music while we return home or something similar.

How to save battery on OPPO mobiles

Play with your drum panel

Within the ColorOS battery panel itself we find a series of advantages or settings that we can modify to our liking. In this way, we will be able to adapt it to our needs, with the aim that the energy consumed by the smartphone is always the most appropriate. But, if you do not know where it is, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Access your settings.
  2. Click on the Battery section.

Panel de la batería OPPO

Once we get to this point, we must go on to see each of the configurations or adjustments that we will have at our disposal. We will start with the classic Saving mode, in it we will be able to reduce energy consumption. Although, it will not be the most striking thing, since the important and characteristic point that we find in this layer is the Super Saving Mode .

If we enable this mode, we will get the system to limit the use of up to six applications that will be displayed on the home screen, as well as communications. In short, with this function, and according to OPPO reports, we can achieve that if we have 5% power, it lasts up to 90 more minutes. In addition, we can get to have personalized energy savings if we click on the option that we can see in the previous image.

And, if you want to save energy, we do not recommend having High Performance Mode enabled, as it will provide the maximum available processing capacity of the phone and, therefore, increase consumption.

Turn off the sidebar

It is clear that the inclusion of the famous ColorOS smart sidebar is good for all users. Especially because it is a personalized access that allows us to perform endless actions, since it is not only based on a direct access to our favorite applications.

However, every tool has its cost, and this makes the consumption of the smartphone rise. The smart sidebar will always be a plus for everything you can do with it. From the classic shortcuts, to predefined actions and the possibility of using floating applications.

Although, if you need to save energy, you should rethink whether you really use this ColorOS software tool so much or not. In case you want to disable this functionality and check if the battery consumption is benefited, you can always do it by following this series of steps from your OPPO mobile :

Barra lateral inteligente OPPO

  1. Go into the settings.
  2. Access the Practical Tools section.
  3. Click on Smart Sidebar and deactivate the switch that will appear within this menu.

Configure your Visual Comfort

Not only do we find tools to save battery in OPPO mobiles , or the simple fact of deactivating those functionalities that consume so much energy that includes the layer of the Chinese firm, but there are also other functionalities that we could become unknown within our phone.

One of those cases is the characteristic of Chinese mobiles that is responsible for helping to protect our eyesight. Specifically, in ColorOS we find this function as Visual Comfort . With it, what we will achieve in a certain way will be to adjust the colors and brightness of the smartphone’s touch panel, since it is one of the most energy-consuming elements of any mobile. And, with this, we will achieve the goal of gaining more autonomy in an OPPO mobile.

If you want to reduce the light and temperature of the touch screen of your phone, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Access the settings.
  2. Click on the Screen and brightness section.
  3. Activate the Visual Comfort (Eye Care) option.

In addition, when activated, it compensates for the effort when using the device in low light environments and low screen brightness. Therefore, this can reduce the cost of the screen during use.

Use your manager

Another of the strengths to save battery in OPPO mobiles is the phone manager, also known as Phone Manager . With it, we will have different actions both to improve the fluidity of our phone, as well as the possibility of knowing if there is a virus in the phone that is affecting a massive consumption of the energy of our smartphone.

Phone Manager OPPO

In addition, we also have an option for analysis and optimization of the smartphone to check to achieve not only that the performance improves, but also increases the autonomy of the terminal. If we click on optimize we will find these options: Improve, Storage, Security Protection and System Optimization. Those that will interest us will be both storage and improving and optimizing the system.

Then we will go directly to the ColorOS virus scanning functionality . To discover if there is a malware behind the high energy consumption, we just have to click on the option to Search for viruses to start a scan and detect possible threats. And thus take action on the matter.

Watch out for the HyperBoost

In ColorOS we also have a tool developed by the Chinese smartphone firm with the aim of squeezing the most out of the smartphone’s GPU when we play. However, as much as HyperBoost is a system-level technology that schedules optimized solutions developed by OPPO, it takes care of accelerating performance when necessary.

This means that, as much as it allows good two-way communication in real time between applications and system resources, it will make the phone work more fluidly and, therefore, increase the energy consumption of our mobile battery. . Of course, it is a powerful OPPO tool available in your Game Space. Once inside this game management app, to deactivate this option we should not click on the ‘High performance’ mode.