The USB Wi-Fi Adapter is Not Working How to Troubleshoot

We can connect to the Internet through very different devices and means. Computers usually come with a built-in network card, but an alternative option is to use a USB Wi-Fi adapter . So we can improve coverage and have better performance. However, sometimes there can be problems. We are going to talk about this in this article. We are going to explain what we can do if the computer does not detect the Wi-Fi adapter, there are cuts or the connection does not work correctly.

How to fix if the USB Wi-Fi adapter is not working

Sometimes network devices do not work properly. The problem can be caused by different reasons. It can simply be a bad configuration, a problem of incompatibility with the system, outdated drivers or even that the hardware itself is damaged.

USB Wi-Fi Adapter is Not Working

However, in most cases the problem can be easily solved. Small changes that we make in our equipment can allow us to navigate normally and connect to the wireless network without problem with this type of device. We are going to see what would be the main steps that we should take in case of having a problem and thus be able to solve it.

Restart the system

Something basic but that in many occasions can help to solve problems of this type is simply to restart the computer . We can turn off the computer and turn it on again to see if this way it detects the USB Wi-Fi adapter or solves the connection problem. We can also do the same with the router.

To restart the router, it is not enough to turn it off and on again. Ideally, keep it off for at least 30 seconds and then turn it on. So the restart will be done correctly and we can see if the problem continues to appear and we must find another solution or we have been able to solve it.

Update drivers

Sometimes a problem like this that we raise is due to the lack of drivers or that they are obsolete. We must always keep the latest versions and make sure that the operating system correctly detects the device. On the one hand, we are going to achieve optimal performance, but it is also necessary to avoid security problems that could be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks.

To update the drivers we have to go to Start, enter Device Manager, click on Network adapters, look for the corresponding adapter, click with the second mouse button and click Update driver. There we simply follow the process and make sure that the network card has the latest versions available. We recommend doing this periodically, even if we don’t notice any errors.

Actualizar drivers de la tarjeta de red

Disable and re-enable the device

Another step that could help us is to disable and re-enable the device. This way we can get Windows to detect the device correctly again. We go back to Start, Device Manager, Network adapters, we choose the one that corresponds and this time we click Disable device , to later re-enable it.

Try another USB port

There may also be a solution as simple as trying a different USB port . Sometimes there may be a problem with the port we are using, the computer does not detect it correctly or some other failure. Nowadays computers usually have several ports available, and there are even differences between version 2.0 and 3.0 that could be the cause of this error.

Simply by trying to connect the USB Wi-Fi adapter in another port we can see if that is the problem and it should work correctly if it is.

See if power saving is activated

Windows 10 allows you to configure power consumption to save battery life. This is useful, but it could also cause problems when using some equipment. It could be blocking proper connection of USB connected devices.

To solve this problem we must enter the Control Panel, go to Hardware and sound, Power options, we click Change plan settings and Change advanced power settings. You have to click on USB Configuration and USB Selective Suspension Configuration. By default it is activated, so we can try to deactivate it.

Opciones de energía del adaptador Wi-Fi USB

Check that the firewall or antivirus is not interfering

Security tools are very important in our teams. They prevent the entry of threats that could compromise the security of the systems and also put their proper functioning at risk. However, sometimes a bad configuration could cause that we cannot navigate normally and that the network devices do not work correctly.

Therefore, we must especially check that the firewall is properly configured and that it is not affecting. It could also happen that the antivirus has a problem and prevents us from connecting to the network normally.

Forget the network

Perhaps the problem that the USB Wi-Fi adapter does not work well is due to a bad network configuration or that the operating system mismanages our connection. Therefore, we can choose to forget the wireless network and reconnect later.

We have to go to the network icon that appears at the bottom right and mark the Wi-Fi network we are trying to connect to and there are problems. We simply give Forget network and later we reconnect, putting the password again.

Check the Wi-Fi band

Modern devices allow us to connect through 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz. Each of them is best under the circumstances. The first is ideal if we connect at a considerable distance from the router, while the second is the one that offers the best speed.

However we could be trying to connect to the wrong band and therefore it does not work well. Hence, another solution is to change the band to which we connect and see if the problem is solved.

In short, these are some of the main steps we must take in case we have problems with the USB Wi-Fi adapter. A series of simple solutions that we can carry out in our team.