The USB of the mobile only charges. What I do?

A phone is made up of various parts that make up a whole. This not only refers to processor, screen and company, since there is an element that is of vital importance. This is the USB , which is also one of the most fragile areas.

The problems that can derive from this entry are very numerous and usually generate a real headache for the user. This is because it is responsible for providing power to the phone when it needs it, although it is also used to transfer files to a computer.

The USB of the mobile only charges

As far as this last activity is concerned, it is possible that your smartphone is incapable of it. This is not solved by cleaning the connector of dust and lint, since you can easily check that the mobile does charge. So the problem lies in the type of connection made. If the USB of your terminal does not recognize the PC to carry out the data transfer, there are several solutions.

The easiest option

Not being able to send files can be a real pain. Especially when you have little storage and want to free up some space by transferring all kinds of items to your computer.

Transferir archivos USB

Problems connecting the phone to the PC are not new. In the event that it only charges when connected, it is probably because you have not clicked on the correct option when they ask you what you want to use the USB for. If by mistake you have touched on ‘Do not transfer data’ it will be impossible for you to send data.

The truth is that solving this situation is really simple. You just have to display the notifications menu and click on ‘Charging device via USB’ . Three options will appear, but the one we are interested in is ‘File Transfer/Android Auto’.

If the problem persists…

There is a possibility that when carrying out the previous process the thing will remain the same or that you will not even be able to do it. If this is the case, you should activate USB debugging , which is basically the method that developers use to communicate with the computer. In this way, they can test their software and check for possible bugs.

Depuración USB

For this you will need to activate the options for developers . These are not found lightly just by using the settings search engine, but you will have to follow certain steps:

  1. Go to Phone information within the settings. You can find this section at the bottom or at the top depending on the manufacturer.
  2. Once inside this location you must touch numerous times on a certain section. In the case of Xiaomi it is about the version of MIUI.
  3. Find where the developer options are located on your mobile. It may be under ‘System’ or ‘Additional settings’.
  4. Swipe until you come across the option you are looking for called ‘USB debugging’ and activate it.

After this procedure try to connect your terminal to the computer again. The problem should be fixed and you can now start transferring documents without anything negative happening in between. In the debugging section you can enable other settings that provide greater accessibility . So we encourage you to take a look.

If the above has not been helpful, you may need to update your PC drivers. Check these parameters and restart the computer to solve the problem.