USB Mixing Console: Best Models at Moderate Prices

The truth is that more and more people want to take their first steps as a DJ. And for this, it is essential to have a mixer with which to create your own sessions. Are you starting in this world? Don’t miss this compilation with the best USB mixers for beginners.

We are talking about products that will offer great results and that will be more than enough if you want a USB mixer with which to take your first steps as a DJ, or to create a video using different audio sources.

USB Mixing Console: Best Models

Advantages of USB mixing consoles

As expected, depending on the use that you are going to give it, you will need a more or less professional model . But in this case we wanted to focus on models for beginners. And that the mixer offers USB connectivity is a great value to consider. More than anything because, the great advantage it offers is its ease of use.

And, this type of device only has to be connected to your desktop or laptop computer to start working. Most models do not require the installation of any driver, and that is a value to take into account. In addition, the possibilities offered by these types of devices make buying a mixing console a great idea.

For example, maybe you want to record yourself while playing the console and you want to mix the sound of the video game with other effects. So that you know that a table of this type will offer you more than enough results. And the same happens if you want to start as a DJ creating your own songs. It is true that you will not find models for professional use here, but they will be perfect mixers for beginners.

Models to consider

Now that we know what to take into account when choosing a product of this type, we have prepared a list for you where you will find different USB models so that you can start creating your own mixes in the simplest way.

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500

We already anticipate that the Hercules firm is one of the great references when it comes to buying a quality mixer. So you will find several models from this manufacturer. In this case, we want to recommend the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500 table, a very complete product that will more than satisfy your needs.

This particular model stands out for its retractable legs with which you can lift the mixer and prevent it from getting wet with a drink. Perfect to liven up any party!

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

The second model that we want to recommend you is this Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX mixer . In this case we find a model that boasts an aggressive design and that will be the soul of the parties. More, considering that it has 6 fun fast-launch effects with double paddle triggers to surprise in your songs.

Behringer Pro Mixer DX2000USB

Behringer Pro Mixer DX2000USB

Another of the most important firms when buying a mixer that offers USB connectivity is Behringer . In this case, we want to recommend the Pro Mixer DX2000USB, a very complete product that boasts 7-channel preamps, as well as 5 stereo inputs so you can connect all kinds of devices in the most comfortable way possible.

Reelop Mixtour

Reelop Mixtour

We move on to one of the most versatile mixing consoles you will find. More than anything because the Reelop Mixtour boasts a very compact design so you can squeeze its possibilities wherever you want.

More than anything because it can be used with iOS and Android devices, so you can use this mixer with your mobile. What more can you ask!

Behringer XENYX X1204USB

Behringer XENYX X1204USB

The latest Behringer model that we want to recommend is this mixer. Notably, the Behringer XENYX X1204USB is a model that boasts some very cool features, like its four studio-grade compressors to better handle vocal and instrumental sound.

It also stands out for offering a very friendly interface so that you can connect this mixer to your PC and start using it in a few seconds.

Hercules Universal Dj

mesa de mezclas Hercules Universal Dj

Continuing with this compilation where you will find the best options to consider if you want to buy a USB mixer for beginners with this other model from the acclaimed firm. We are talking about the Hercules Universal Dj , a mixer that you can connect to your phone or tablet to expand its possibilities.

Ammoon mixer

Mesa de mezclas ammoon 

And what about this mixer from the ammoon firm. In this case we are facing a product that boasts a very restrained design (it measures only 10.01 x 13.49 x 3.51 cm) in addition to a weight that does not exceed 660 grams.

Beware that despite its compact design it has all kinds of functions so that you can enjoy the best experience when using this mixer for beginners.

Numark DJ2GO2 Touch

Mesa de mezclas Numark DJ2GO2 Touch

Another of the more compact models that you can buy is this Numark DJ2GO2 Touch mixer. A product that shines with its own light despite its low price and that is compatible with the main DJ applications.

Hercules DJCONTROL Compact

Mesas de mezclas Hercules DJCONTROL Compact

The latest Hercules signature model that we want to recommend is this Hercules DJCONTROL Compact table. Without a doubt, one of the cheapest mixing consoles you can buy if you are looking for a model with great value for money.

It should be noted that, despite its low price, it does not lose any of the basic functionalities for any user who wants to start creating their own mixes.

Muslady mixer

Mesa de mezclas Muslady 

We close this compilation of the best mixers perfect for beginners with a Muslady signature model that will not disappoint you at all. A simple model that allows you to connect microphones, making it ideal for a fun party at home.