Automatic Captions on TikTok: How They Work and Available Options

In TikTok it is true that a type of content predominates that we could say does not need any audio, because just by seeing it it is perfectly understood. Ok, for certain choreographies it makes much more sense if we listen to the song, but it is still not essential. However, the inclusion of a new tool that adds automatic subtitles to videos is important and we are going to tell you how it works.

TikTok and its quest for inclusion

Automatic Captions on TikTok

When a platform like TikTok grows at the rate that it has, it is very easy to forget aspects that are really important, although only for a minority of all its users. For this reason, initiatives like these are always well received.

TikTok published an article on its official page where it tells how important inclusion is for them , because they want each and every one of its users to have the appropriate tools so that they can express themselves and interact with others in the best possible way. This is what they said:

Inclusion is important because when people feel included, they feel more comfortable expressing themselves and interacting with their community. We are committed to fostering an inclusive application environment, and that means creating products and tools that support our diverse community. As we continue to work to make TikTok more and more accessible, today we are introducing automatic captions, a new feature to help the hearing impaired or deaf to better use and enjoy TikTok.

Interesting right? Surely if you or someone in your environment does not suffer from any type of disability or hearing problem, you will not have considered this, but when you do know what it can cost them to use certain tools in their day to day because they do not have accessibility options. thing changes.

Hence the new function of TikTok to generate subtitles in the videos that are published on the platform. And the best thing is that the user who covers them will not have to do anything practically as we show you below.

Before saying that it is not the only change or novelty of TikTok in terms of accessibility. Other aspects such as an animated thumbnail, warnings against possible problems due to epilepsy attacks depending on what content or the function of converting text to speech help to improve the user experience.

How to add subtitles to Tiktok


Until now, only a few accounts added subtitles to their TikTok publications and did so using third-party applications or even manual editing of them that were then “burned” in the video that was uploaded to the network.

This time the subtitles to be added to the TikTok videos are generated automatically . That is, the platform takes care of everything and you as a user do not have to do anything. Or almost, because in the same way that it happens with the automatic subtitles that are generated in you, you will be able to edit the text in those cases where the transcription has not been accurate.

To make use of these automatic subtitles, what you do have to do is activate them on the editing page after uploading or recording a new TikTok. When you do, in a matter of time that can range from a few seconds to minutes, the video is subtitled. Of course, at the moment these are only available in English and Japanese, but in the coming months the linguistic support for other languages will arrive.

Finally, these subtitles are not only optional when generating them, but also when viewing them. If you do not have vision problems you can deactivate them so that they do not appear on the screen. This way they won’t bother you to see all the video content.

Of course, they may also interest you even without suffering any type of disability. After all, surely there are situations in which you want to know what a video posted on the network says, but you are in a place where activating the audio is not the best idea. So, really, with TikTok subtitles we all win. Now it only remains that it arrives soon and most users are encouraged to use them in one way or another.