Updated Windows Defender to Protect Windows against COVID

As most of you already know, we are going through a somewhat turbulent time around the world due to the pandemic that is ravaging us. However, this is something that is currently also affecting the world of technology. In fact, some Windows 10 users are seeing first-hand how COVID is affecting the operation of their computers.

Most of the users, in order to protect their PCs and the stored data, usually resort to an antivirus solution. This is something that has been happening for decades to a greater or lesser extent. In this way, the data that we have saved is protected, which by the way is increasingly sensitive and personal. That is why we must take special care that they are not attacked or leaked to third parties.

Updated Windows Defender

There are many security companies specialized in this type of antivirus software, although it should be known that Windows 10 itself has its own. It is the Windows Defender security program, one of the best antivirus at the moment and one that millions of users already enjoy.

Windows Defender protects your computer against COVID attacks

And how could it be otherwise, this software solution tries at the same time to protect us as much as possible against any danger. That is why, as has just been detected in a recent update, this security program will even protect our private files against attacks by COVID that has given us so many problems this year.

covid Windows

We tell you all this because after a recent update of the antivirus that is integrated into Windows 10, the protection we are talking about has been included. Thus, in the event that the antivirus detects COVID in any of the files stored on the computer, it will quarantine it. Therefore we could say that just as the vaccine is already reaching the whole world, or a good part of it, the same is happening in technology.

How to update Windows Defender to fight COVID

In this way, as with the rest of the threats, from now on Windows Defender itself will be running in the background and protecting PCs against COVID. In this way we will not run the risk that the dreaded pandemic that is devastating much of the world will affect everything we have stored on the computer. In addition, we do not have to do anything about it, since the new update for Windows Defender will arrive on the computer by itself.

To do this, it is enough that we access the Windows 10 Configuration section through the Win + I key combination. Here we will find the Update and security section where we click on Windows Update to receive the most recent updates. These refer both to the operating system itself, and to other integrated services such as the antivirus that we are talking about. From that moment on, we will have a team that is perfectly protected against COVID.