How to Update the Google Play System and What They Are For

One of the biggest concerns of the Android operating system is security as it is present in millions of devices from countless brands, they have very difficult to control all of them and this is where the updates to the Google Play system appear. Despite what many think, this new integration that arrived in Android 10 is not a method to update the application store, it has much more behind it.

Update the Google Play System

You may not know of its existence on your smartphone, but it is mandatory for all smartphones that have Android 10 onwards . These updates are present in all the customization layers, although some do not show it and simply hide it since it has been scheduled to update automatically. In Google Pixel, OnePlus, Motorola, LG or Samsung models among others if we are going to be able to find it with the following method.

Steps to do Google Play updates

As you can imagine, it will be essential that we have Android 10 on the smartphone for this option to appear. To develop it, we only need to follow a few simple steps, being something totally safe and that you will not even need to restart the smartphone. It can be compared with the actions of an application and it is developed as follows:

actualización sistema google play

  • The first thing we will do is enter the device settings.
  • Then we will search and enter the “Security” option.
  • Inside we find the option “Google Play system update.
  • Upon entering, we will be able to see how a new action is being sought and it asks us to install it if it exists.

By default, all Android terminals complete these updates by turning off the smartphone without us having to do anything. We will not receive any notification and therefore it is important that we check it manually and do not leave it to chance.

What these system updates offer us

The main purpose of these updates is focused on the security of Android devices , trying to forget about the fragmentation that has caused problems for the system for so many years. This is a way to update the system partitions that Google previously did not have access to, as if it were an application.

Project Mainline is the name that this update system received and with which it offers corrections to Android vulnerabilities that if all manufacturers had to perform it would be much slower. This means that they are as important as the system security patches offered by the manufacturers or the updates themselves, without these updates completed we would make our mobile much more accessible to malware or attacks.