How to Update a Xiaomi Mobile with the ROM Xiaomi.EU to MIUI 12.5

Since Xiaomi announced the new MIUI 12.5 version , we have not stopped learning about interesting news and changes that will arrive with that version on smartphones around the world. However, we still have a long way to go to be able to enjoy this update on most smartphones in Spain, unless we do the process of updating the device manually.

It is not a simple process designed for everyone, but as we have seen on other occasions, it can be the ideal solution that many are looking for problems. Xiaomi itself has confirmed that with MIUI 12.5 most of the errors in its customization layer in MIUI 12 will be forgotten and this is reason enough to want this update.

Compatible phones with Xiaomi.EU ROM in MIUI 12.5

The key that will allow us to update the mobile with MIUI 12.5 is none other than a well-known ROM and which is based on the stable official version that is presented in China weeks or even months before than in Spain. What the developers of this modification do is adapt the language pack, correct modifying with respect to the global version and of course add Google services so that we do not have problems.

actualización xiaomi mi 11 miui 12.5

But not all smartphones are compatible but now, since they need the ROM code to make it possible. For now, the terminals of the brand that can benefit from it are the Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra and Mi 9 SE, although the list will continue to increase permanently on the Xiaomi.EU website where the new compatible devices once the ROM is developed.

A process for the brave and experienced

Before starting the process, you should know that it is essential to have a bootloader such as TWRP and therefore it is necessary to open the device’s bootloader. In this process we will lose files and therefore if we are going to do it we have to move them to another place. We also lose the warranty of the smartphone and therefore it is not recommended to try it if we have not done it previously on another smartphone that is already without warranty and without value for us.

To begin we have to follow the tutorial to unlock the Xiaomi bootloader, which has remained identical for years. To do this we will have to use the My Unlock tool on our computer and connect the mobile after having accessed Fastboot mode by holding the power button and volume down at the same time. Once completed, it is time to install Recovery TWRP, where we need to use the ADB tool to complete the process, which needs the drivers for our specific model.

Finally we will have to download the Xiaomi.EU ROM for our model in question and install it. We can download it from the following links for each of the models:

The installation process after having passed the previous steps is simpler, since you only have to place the file in the root memory, enter the Recovery and now choose the ROM to begin the installation. After this we will have managed to update our mobile to MIUI 12.5 without having to wait so long.