Unlocking Language Learning for Free with Artificial Intelligence

Embarking on the journey of learning a new language can be quite a challenge, both in terms of the learning process itself and the expenses associated with private lessons or enrolling in language academies with large student volumes. However, thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence, accelerating your language learning is now within reach at zero cost. Let us guide you through this remarkable opportunity.

Generative Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a versatile tool that caters to a wide range of educational needs. As this language model continues to evolve, its capabilities expand, offering us a multitude of functionalities without requiring any financial investment.

Beyond its ability to answer conventional questions, generate news content, and provide information on specific topics without the need for a Google search, ChatGPT now enables us to dive into the realm of language learning. Allow us to share how you can harness this remarkable resource for your linguistic journey.

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Utilizing ChatGPT for English Learning: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learning a new language can be both rewarding and challenging, and it often comes with financial costs associated with private lessons or language academies. However, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you can accelerate your language learning at no cost. Here’s how to harness ChatGPT to learn English.

Step 1: Install the “Talk To ChatGPT” Extension

Begin by installing the “Talk To ChatGPT” extension, which enables voice interaction with ChatGPT. This extension is essential for simulating an English teacher experience. It’s a free extension that facilitates voice commands.

Step 2: Set ChatGPT to English Mode

After downloading the extension, instruct ChatGPT to assume the role of an English teacher. State the following instruction: “From now on, I want you to act as if you were an English teacher. Let’s converse in English for the next few minutes. Please correct any mistakes to enhance my learning.”

ChatGPT will acknowledge this instruction and switch to English mode, ensuring that your interaction remains in the English language. This allows you to engage in a conversation without the need for typing, replicating the experience of an online English class.

Note: Emphasizing the language you want to use when giving instructions is recommended to prevent the application from reverting to the original language inadvertently.

As we can see in its response, from that moment on ChatGPT will change the response language and will also claim to have perfectly understood the instruction we have given. From that moment, we will be able to chat with her without having to write at any time, simulating the same experience that we would have in an online class.

As a recommendation, when we provide instructions to ChatGPT it is recommended that we emphasize the language in which we want to interact. Otherwise, at times we have experienced how the application has returned to the original language.

Exploring the Extension Settings

If you encounter any issues or wish to customize your experience, the extension offers a configuration panel accessible by clicking the three horizontal stripes on the right side of your screen. Upon clicking this area, you’ll access the following panel:

Within the language recognition section, you can select either “English US” or “English GB,” depending on your preferences. Both options yield similar responses, although pronunciation may vary slightly.

For those at a basic level of English, the extension allows you to adjust ChatGPT’s response speed. This adjustment prevents the need for repetitive expressions and can be reverted to the original settings as you become more accustomed to the interaction.

Practical Use Cases

Apart from voice conversations, ChatGPT remains accessible through standard keyboard input. There are numerous valuable applications for this tool:

  1. Phrase Meaning and Context: You can inquire about the meaning and context of English phrases you find challenging to comprehend.


  1. Vocabulary Expansion: When studying a specific subject or reading a book, you may encounter unfamiliar words. In such cases, you can request the meaning of a particular term and even solicit examples of its usage.

  1. Writing Assistance: Whether crafting essays, emails, or English exercises, if you’re uncertain about the correctness of your writing, you can seek corrections and improvements.

The possibilities are vast and limited only by your needs and imagination. By leveraging the right extensions, you can establish a comprehensive language learning program, even from the ground up, facilitating your progress in a foreign language.