Unlock Locked Account in Windows 10: Different Ways

Logging in to a computer that has Windows 10 installed is a simple task. You just have to choose the user and enter the corresponding password. However, setbacks can happen. For example, if we have entered a wrong password too many times or, in the case of shared computers, a person has tried to log in with their password but with a user that was not theirs. For security, these actions may cause the user account to be locked out. And, to unblock the account, it is necessary to resort to an administrator and carry out a series of configurations that we explain in this article.

Before doing anything, indicate that in most cases, unless we have modified it ourselves, the computer lock will last 30 minutes . Therefore, instead of having to perform the following configurations, it may be much more worth waiting for that time and, when it passes, logging in again with our username and password, as always.

Unlock Locked Account in Windows 10: Different Ways

In the case of needing the PC immediately, below we explain how to unblock, by force, the user’s account. Of course, we must use them with care because they involve modifications in the operation of the computer and can cause unwanted damage to your system. In addition, some of them are only available in Windows 10 Pro , so if we have a Home edition we will not be able to access some of the functions.

Unlock Windows 10 account with another Administrator user

If we have a user account with Administrator permissions, or the system administrator nearby, we can ask him to unblock our account from his. To do this, what you have to do is log in with the account that has the permissions on the PC, and open the local user and group management tool. This is executed by typing in the address bar, or in the Run window, lusrmgr.msc .

Abrir administrador usuarios

A window like the one below will appear, where we can see all the users and all the groups that are configured on the computer. Here will be the users of each person who uses the PC, and other users and groups created automatically by Windows and the programs we install.

Lista de usuarios en lusrmgr en W10

We double click on the user who is blocked, and we can see a window with all the options for this user. If the account is locked, the box indicating that the account is locked will be checked.

Cuenta bloqueada en W10

We simply have to uncheck this box, apply the changes and that’s it. Now we only have to close session with the user we have and start it again with the one that was blocked. Of course, without making mistakes with the username and password, to prevent it from being blocked again.

Do it from CMD

If we don’t want to use the old user manager, then there is another way to do it: from CMD. To do this, we will also need a working user account, with Administrator permissions, to unlock the Windows 10 account.

We have to run a CMD window with Administrator permissions. We can also do this from the Windows 10 search box, by typing “CMD” and choosing the option to open it as Administrator.

Abrir CMD como admin

Once we have this window open, we must execute the following command, changing “user” by the name of the user we want to unlock, between quotation marks and respecting upper and lower case.

net user "usuario" /active=yes

Once done, we can close the CMD window, log out and start again with the user who was blocked.

Unlock a Windows 10 account using programs

And also, if we want, we will be able to resort to a series of additional programs that will allow us to unblock these blocked Windows accounts.

iSumfost Tool

iSumfost Tool iSumfost Tool is one of the most complete and versatile tools that we can find for managing Windows users and passwords. This program is designed for use in business environments, and it will allow us both to see all the users that we have on the PC and to add new users or unblock any of the accounts that are blocked. We can even remove the password for any account to seamlessly log into the PC.

This program can be run in Live Mode, that is, from a USB, so we will not need access to any PC user. After performing the operations, simply restart the PC and the user will be already unlocked and we can access it.

We can download this program from here .


PCUnlocker PCUnlocker is another program designed to allow us to recover any Windows 10 account. This program offers an account recovery rate of 100%, and is capable of recovering both the password of any administrator account, as well as a local user. It also allows you to both enable and disable user accounts so that we can reactivate a Windows 10 account that, for whatever reason, has been disabled.

It can be run in Live mode from a CD, DVD or USB, and it even helps us log in with any of the PC users without resetting their password, so we won’t leave a trace.

We can download this program from its website .