Unleash Your Ideas with Microsoft Whiteboard

In the current times, there are many applications that we can use to take notes, draw freehand drawings, or open documents of various kinds. Microsoft presents its own UWP application available in the Windows 10 store, we refer to Whiteboard.

Actually, here we talk about a software that can be very useful on certain occasions and that the Redmond firm has stopped us from evolving. As its name suggests, it presents a blank slate on which we can carry out a multitude of personal projects and that allows us to blow the imagination. The application offers us a series of functions that we can activate from its interface.microsoft-whiteboard

Thus, we will have the possibility of taking notes, drawing freehand drawings, or opening all kinds of documents for consultation. Keep in mind that this is a software that currently supports the viewing of PDF documents, as well as Word text files or PowerPoint presentations. This is something that opens up a wide range of possibilities in dealing with office files of the same company.

Get the most out of Microsoft Whiteboard

This is mainly due to the fact that the application to which we refer, allows us to carry out a multitude of tasks, putting in our hand’s many functions of our own. To start, we find a blank canvas on which we can start working. To do this we must click on the menu button located in the upper right corner of the interface. As we will see, here we find a multitude of options to use.

Thus, we can activate the different brushes or pencils that we will use in our projects, define a fund to work on, erase what has been done so far, etc. Therefore, perhaps one of the first steps we will have to carry out is to specify the background of the project.

By default, this will be blank, but we can assign a color, in addition to including elements such as points, a grid, lines, etc.

On the other hand, at the bottom of the screen, there are the functions and elements that we can use on the board, although we can also change this location. But one of the best news regarding Microsoft Whiteboard is that the Redmond firm does not stop improving and updating it.

We must bear in mind that we are talking about a UWP application that you can download from the Microsoft Store, so the updates come by themselves.

Microsoft Whiteboard does not stop growing with new functions

With the improvements that we comment, what Redmond's aim is to simplify the visualization and understanding of the contents that we create or upload here. It is also worth noting that the program offers us an unlimited area in which to move and create or load content of all kinds. In this way we can give free rein to our imagination and create ideas in the form of text content, or graphics.

We must also know that the canvases we are working on are automatically saved, so we can access them later at any time. At the same time, at any moment we will have the possibility to start with a new blank project, or upload a file from among the supported formats.