Unable to take photos with an iPhone: the camera app closes by itself

No mobile phone is exempt from malfunctions , not even Apple‘s iPhones are free of them no matter how high quality they are. This is something completely common in any technological device, but sometimes some problems appear that become a real nuisance for the user, as is the case with the closing of applications.

These prevent us from using the smartphone normally and when they have to do with the camera app, even worse. Mainly, because an unexpected mistake can mean that you lose the opportunity to take the perfect photo that you had previewed in your head. There are some iPhones that are facing this problem and users do not fully understand why it happens.

Unable to take photos with an iPhone

The camera of your iPhone unusable

It has been a member of the our site team who has commented that his iPhone XR sometimes does not allow him to take photos properly, since the camera app seems to work normally, but when pressing the button to take the capture, the app closes by itself. So, despite having the framing, focus and other sensor settings ready, it is quite likely that you will lose your image.

Cámara iPhone 14

This bug is something that we have also seen in some community forums on platforms like Reddit, where users have also claimed to be victims of this bug. The worst of all is that it not only affects the camera application only and exclusively, but it is also extrapolated to other programs that use the camera, such as WhatsApp, Instagram

This means that passing photos to your friends also becomes an impossible mission. The error is repeated over and over again without the possibility of taking the screenshot, being a misfortune for users who have an iPhone.

Can the problem be fixed?

At the moment Apple has not made any statement about the iPhone camera app error, so we do not have any official solution from the Cupertino company. However, users have found a workaround that temporarily eradicates the bug.

The inconvenience that it presents is that at any moment the problem can reappear . This means that it can completely ruin an ideal photo when you least expect it. It is likely that the error has to do with some process that is blocking the app, causing it to close.

Cámara periscópica Apple

However, it is very difficult to find the origin of the failure in this regard, since the performance of the iPhone can be affected by countless factors and this is what causes it to occur again.

Our colleague has verified that when restarting the iPhone the problem disappears completely, but over time it can reappear. Likewise, he affirms that it has not happened to him for a long time, but that he is sure that he will return as has already happened on other occasions. If any of you have suffered the bug and know of a new solution, we would appreciate you leaving it in the comments to help other users.