How to find and redeem reward codes in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a game that you can enjoy for free on Android and iOS devices where you can explore a huge world and enjoy a lot of activities without paying. However, if you want to access the most powerful characters and augment existing characters, you will need to have a lot of Protogems.

You can buy or get these as the game progresses, but you can also get them thanks to promotional codes that will help you increase them effortlessly.

find and redeem reward codes in Genshin Impact

How to find these coveted codes

You will be able to find game codes on related pages, on Twitter, on gaming forums and different sites where these are frequently posted.

If you prefer, you can do a Google search for “genshin impact codes Month Year”, changing month to the current month and year to the same. On Twitter you can search for #GenshinImpact code. Some may have expired when you try to redeem them, others will serve you and you can use them.

In addition to these sites, you can follow their official channels , where some code could be shared, such as their Facebook . You’ll see more social media and game information here .

In some game events you can participate to find the opportunity to get a reward code , so pay attention to those that arise and what each of them offers you.

genshin impact codigo eventos

Some codes that work right now are:

  • GENSHINGIFT (permanent validity, only one use): 50 free Protogems and 3 hero wits
  • SBNBUK67M37Z (for new players, one redemption only): 30 Protogems and 5 free Adventurer Experience items.
  • XTNDKTEBWA59 (experience level 10, one trade only): 60 free Protogems and 5 Adventurer Experience.

In any case, pay attention over time to those that appear because they may expire or there may be some new ones that interest you. Also, take a look at the game and its events.

How to redeem codes

If you have found a code and want to enjoy it before it expires, you can do so both on its website and within the game. To do this you will have to have a character and reach adventure rank 10 , at least in most codes.

codigo genshin impact rango 10

To do it from the game , you will have to go to the main menu, go to Settings , to Account and from there, after choosing your Server (Europe or the one that corresponds) you will find the Redeem Code option. You only have to copy or write the code that you have located, and so on with the ones that interest you as long as they are active and available for your account.

If for some reason you prefer to do it from the web, this is it . In order to redeem the code, you will need to log in to your account, start a game in the game and link the HoYoverse Pass in the My Account section.

canjear juegos genshin

It is important that you pay attention to the redemption conditions and the validity period of the game since they cannot be redeemed after their expiration date. You can only redeem each code once. Also, a game cannot have more than one code of the same type at a time.

Once you have activated the codes you can return to the game. You will have a notification if it has been done correctly. You will hit the mail in the pause menu to get the rewards.