UltFone Data Recovery: Deleted Files Recovery Program

In general, on the hard drive of our computer we tend to store all kinds of important information, be it work documents or photos with great sentimental value. To prevent these files from being lost due to any accident or system failure, the ideal is to always make a backup copy. In case we are not in the habit of doing it, we can always opt for a data recovery program like UltFone Data Recovery .

Data loss is something that can happen to us for various reasons. Either due to a human error, such as the accidental deletion of a file, a virus that infects our computer or an irreparable failure of the system. In these cases we tend to think that a file that has been deleted cannot be recovered, something that is not completely true. When a file is deleted it is not completely deleted, until the space it occupies is used by another file. That is why there are data recovery programs that will help us recover deleted files easily.

UltFone Data Recovery

UltFone Data Recovery is a program that has been designed for file recovery on Windows and macOS. It helps us to locate and return any deleted, formatted damaged file that we need to recover. This program supports over 1000 file types , including photos, videos, documents, etc.

This application allows us to recover data from our PC, a USB drive, an SD card or any other storage device with a high recovery rate. This useful tool allows us to recover accidentally deleted files on formatted drives and disks, lost partitions, virus attacks, damaged hard drives, raw drives, etc.

Recovering files a simple task with UltFone Data Recovery

Once we run the program, its main menu appears completely in Spanish, with a minimalist interface and very simple to use, so it is suitable for all types of users . In it we see different locations that we can select to search for any file that we want to recover such as the “Hard Drive”, the “Recycle Bin”, the “Desktop” or we can select a specific folder. Once we have selected the desired location, we press the “Scan” button to continue.

UltFone Data Recovery menú principal

In this way, the software will begin to scan the selected route and a new window will appear where it will show us in real time all the data found. During the scan we can pause, continue or save the results obtained to avoid having to repeat the scan from the beginning. In this way we can gradually observe the files that it finds, without having to wait for the entire analysis to finish. This is especially useful if we perform the analysis on large hard drives, since the process can be quite long.

Find the desired file or filter the search

After the scan is finished, all the data found will be displayed in a “Tree View” or “File View”. In this list, all the files appear in order, showing us their name, size, type, date of last modification and location. At the top it also allows us to filter by file type , so that we can find the desired file quickly. In this way we can select by “Photos”, “Documents”, “Video” and “More” (Audio, Email, Attachments, etc.)

UltFone Data Recovery archivos encontrados para recuperar

We also have the option to Find a specific file from the search results to quickly find the file we want. In addition, we can preview each file by double clicking on it. In case we have not found the desired file, the program will allow us to perform a deep scan from the bottom of the screen. This scan is a bit slower than the fast scan, although it does ensure a much more complete scan. Once we have decided which files to recover, we press the “Recover” button, being able to choose the location where we want to recover the data.

UltFone Data Recovery selecciona escaneo profundo


UltFone Data Recovery stands out for its power and simplicity since we can find any deleted file in just a couple of steps. Of course, we must bear in mind that the free version only allows us to perform the scan and preview any file that we can recover, although in order to perform the recovery it will be necessary to go through the box. This is something that works against it, since there are other similar programs that, if they allow the recovery of files for free, even if they have a paid version.

Download UltFone Data Recovery

UltFone Data Recovery is a program to recover deleted data that we can download from its website . It is compatible with the Windows operating system in its versions 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 (32 and 64 bits) and also has a version for maOS computers. We can download it for free and test it to analyze and find any deleted file, although in order to recover it, it will be necessary to buy its license. Its price is $ 39.95 per month, $ 44.95 per year and $ 59.95 if we want to acquire the license for life.

Alternatives to UltFone Data Recovery

If we are looking for a program that allows us to recover deleted files, we suggest a couple of free alternatives to UltFone Data Recovery.

EaseUS Data Recovery

It is a complete data recovery program that has support for all types of partitions. These include FAT, NTFS, Ext2 and Ext3 volumes in Windows, being capable of recovering more than 1000 types of files. It also allows you to recover and repair corrupt MDF and NDF SQL server database, as well as damaged Exchange mailboxes. EaseUS Data Recovery has a free version that will allow us to recover up to 2 GB and that we can download from this link .


This program to recover deleted files recognizes more than 200 types of files. It has support for Smart FAT and NTFS algorithms and search for lost partitions. It can be used on all types of storage and file systems. offers us the ability to create byte-by-byte backups of faulty disks. RecoveryRobot has a free version that allows us to recover up to 500 MB in files that we can download from its website .