Uberchord: an iPhone App to Learn to Play the Guitar


If you are thinking of learning to play a new musical instrument, the guitar may be a good candidate. With this knowledge you can even become a musical group and who knows if in the future you will become the best guitarist. But until that happens, you must start with learning and do not think that you have to pay a teacher at the beginning, but with the uberchord app you can have the basic knowledge. We show it to you below.

The first steps

This application is designed so that anyone, be it an experienced guitarist or a beginner, can use it. At the beginning of everything you must log in so that all your progress is stored. The first steps that the application will show you obviously requires that you have a guitar already in your hand since it will begin to use the microphone to listen to everything you are playing. Obviously, the first thing to do is to tune the guitar. In the application itself you will see how a screen appears where you will see the different strings, indicating where you should play. The microphone will detect what you do and tell you if it is correct or not.


Obviously you should not know how to tune a guitar. That is why you will have a tutorial to know perfectly how to do it under the attentive hatred of uberchord. As you fine-tune on the screen itself, you will be given instructions to do where you should move the different pins. In addition, in the first steps you can also learn the chords. Everything is aimed at beginners, but these basic tutorials can be skipped in case you already know the application.

Lessons for you

Once you’ve passed the tutorial and have your perfect guitar, the show can begin. On the main screen of the application you will find all the lessons you have available. Without paying the premium subscription you will have the most basic ones to start with a lot of help playing the guitar. In each of the lessons, which you can stop when you want, an interface will be shown where the different guitar strings will be shown. The moment you play, they will light up.

The objective of each of the lessons is that you gain confidence with your guitar before moving on to more complicated aspects of the application. You will get to know each of the notes, how you have to play them and even gradually pick up the skill that you will need later.

Learn with your favorite songs

But the real magic of this application is that you can learn in a very interesting way thanks to the songs that you like the most. It has a good repertoire of songs so you can find the one you like the most. When executing the song, a screen will appear showing the strings that you must play to play the song, monitoring how you are doing at all times. At the end they will tell you everything you have done well and also what you should improve. This is undoubtedly the best way to learn in a dynamic way.


Obviously if you are starting to play the guitar, the songs will be adapted according to the level of difficulty that you choose. The difficulty levels will mean that you only have to play some specific chords, letting the rest pass you by. This is something very similar to what we see at stake as reputed as Rocksmith, which is a benchmark in this regard. In addition to songs, you can also search for different chords individually to practice much more.

Keep track of all your progress

As you complete your lessons and play new songs, all the information will be collected in the progress window. Here they will encourage you to continue to see that you are making adequate progress. In this same tab you can perform a warm-up that is basic to start playing the guitar every day. The ultimate goal is that you do different sessions every day.

The main problem is that many of the classes are only unlocked through a monthly or annual subscription. With this you can unlock absolutely all the functions such as playing copyrighted songs or all the lessons that are available.