The Two Keys to the New Camera of the Huawei P50

Long before problems with Google became a real drag on the Chinese company, Huawei was partnering with Leica to bring the best cameras seen on a mobile device to life. Since the Huawei P10, the brand has gone up a notch in the quality of its photographic system and with the P50 it is ready to break all the molds.

New Camera Huawei P50

Apparently Huawei already has what would be its next photographic innovation ready for its next flagship series. After launching the RYYB sensor and the periscope-type lenses, now a new report again emphasizes that the Huawei P50 will have liquid lenses in its camera. According to a report by MyDrivers , sources believe this new liquid lens technology will be mass-produced and marketed next year. They use a water and oil base that would make it possible to vary the capacity of the lens through a small mechanism that adapts the liquid to our needs. This would directly affect the focus of the camera.

lente liquida huawei

While traditional lenses manage to zoom and focus the object to be photographed by adjusting the focal length between two fixed focal length lenses, the liquid lens uses the electricity that passes through it to change the shape of the liquid present in its construction and thus control the image.

Focusing in milliseconds

The company is known to be working with liquid lens technology for a while, and already a year ago it applied for a patent for its development. Earlier this year, a patent was also leaked suggesting that the Huawei P50 series would sport a ‘ Liquid Lens Camera Module ‘ that can be leveled in just milliseconds similar to a human eye with an accuracy rate of nearly 100. %

According to the data, thanks to using this liquid lens system, the top of the range of the brand for 2021 could boast the most threadbare focusing time on the market, taking just a few milliseconds to focus what we have next to the phone. Information from the Korean media also anticipates that these new lenses will be used mainly for telephoto lenses, a field in which Huawei has specialized in recent years with its periscope-format telezoom that allow working with a 10x zoom with little request for information.

At the moment it is early to sign if the Huawei P50 and P50 Pro will have this technology but we do not have too much time to check it.