Twin App: How to Clone Huawei Mobile Apps with EMUI 10

Being able to clone applications is one of the most useful functions for many users. Formerly it was something that could only be done through third-party applications, but little by little, the different manufacturers were integrating the option into their Android-based layers. It is undoubtedly the best way to have two accounts from the same application, such as being able to have two WhatsApp from two different numbers on the same mobile with DualSIM. It is very useful since this way we will not have to constantly open and close sessions in the same application.

How to Clone Huawei Mobile Apps with EMUI 10

Huawei has been improving EMUI and eliminating some functions while others that are considered more important have been added. However, there is one that resists the passage of time and that allows cloning applications to have two sessions started independently . This is very useful in those messaging programs that require various verification controls and in which it is not so easy to go from one account to another.

Clone apps in EMUI 10

Enable the function

In this way, if we have a DualSIM terminal with work and personal numbers, we can manage two WhatsApp. Something similar happens with “Messenger” from Facebook or WeChat . In order to activate the Twin App in EMUI 10, we will have to go to the Settings menu and enter Applications. Once inside we go down until we find the “Twin App” option . Once inside we can see the apps that we have installed on our system and that allow us to use the function.

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Where to find the twin app

When we select an application, the system will take a few seconds to make the twin app. Once the process is finished, we can find it on the desktop. The twin app will have a symbol “2” to differentiate it from the original app. Please note that the feature is not supported by third-party launchers and that a memory card cannot be selected as the device’s default storage when the Twin App feature is enabled.

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Compatible apps

To be able to delete the cloned application, just press it on the desktop and click on delete. We can add it again at any time later. Right now, the EMUI 10 Twin App for Huawei devices supports the following apps, according to the company’s official list : WeChat, QQ, LINE, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Messenger.