Twice the frames on an Intel ARC A350M thanks to the new driver

When the climate of absolute pessimism surrounded the Intel ARC, due to the disappointing performance of the first model launched on the market, the A350M has seen its performance increase through a new official graphics driver. And not in the form of a few extra frames per second, but to the point of performing like a higher-end GPU. Let’s see how they did it.

There is no doubt that Intel is running into the classic problem when launching a new generation of graphics cards. We are referring to the state of the graphics drivers, which at the moment are immature enough to be a problem for performance. Which is what has caused them to delay the launch of some ARC Alchemist that are already late.

Twice the frames on an Intel ARC A350M thanks to the new driver

Actually, it is better to be late and do things right than to do things wrong. Although several years have passed, the stigma of the i740 from the late 90s still exists and Intel does not want the same problem to be repeated. At the moment, the graphics driver has a long way to go, since in many games it still has problems with graphic artifacts and stuttering. As well as performance in games. This last point has been crucial for the launch of the ARC 3 for laptops announced a few weeks ago to be seen.

The Intel ARC A350M graphics dispenses with the DTT in the new driver

No, we are not talking about insecticides, but they are the acronym for Dynamic Tuning Technology , a system designed so that the electrical power, which feeds both the central processor and the graphics card, is distributed equally. This is a feature that is only on laptops, and is not part of the Deep Link suite of technologies . Its job is to adjust the clock speeds according to the margins existing at each moment. Well, the new Intel drivers have improved the performance of your ARC A350M thanks to disabling this functionality and also considerably.

At the moment, laptops with said graphics card are only sold in South Korea, and one of them is the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro, which is the one on which the performance tests of the A350M with the new driver have been carried out. The change is to say the least worth noting and demonstrates the importance of having a good driver for your graphics card. We are talking that with this simple change, games have seen double their performance under the same conditions. That is, now they give twice as many frames per second .

This is good news, since it had been disappointing for us that Intel will bet on releasing a graphics card with the same performance as a GTX 1650. Let’s not forget that Intel’s strategy is being the opposite of the classic ones of its rivals, who are starting from the highest ranges and go down in terms of product launches. On the other hand, with the ARC we are seeing how the first to be launched is the low range. It’s good news that Intel has managed to double the performance of its A350M with the new driver, and we’re looking forward to seeing the performance of the desktop models.