Turn your desk into an influencer corner with IKEA

Setting up a gaming setup or one very oriented to productivity or creative work is the usual thing and we could even say that it is simple. Creating one that not only serves as a background for your influencer content, as well as to perform your tasks comfortably, is another thing. So here we give you some ideas to get you right.

Turn your desk into an influencer

Choose a stylish table and chair

The table and the chair are the two key elements of any workspace, because they are the elements that will give you the necessary comfort to be able to work for hours without suffering. But in the case of wanting to create a space that serves as a stage when you create content, you have to look very carefully at the aesthetic aspect.

At IKEA he has some desks that fit perfectly with that idea of creating a cozy and cozy space at the same time. For example, in matters of tables or desks, some that fit very well are the following:

  • ALEX desk is a classic and the truth is that it seems normal to us, because for aesthetics it fits very well and does not neglect functionality and comfort as it has two drawers that give a lot of play to store everything that you do not want to be at the view

  • Easels and wooden board would be a second option. In the first place, because the easels that we mention are very aesthetic and being made of wood they provide that organic and warm point to the space. With white walls and a touch of green with plants that you can place around it, you will have a super striking space. As an alternative option you can use the classic white IKEA boards

Now that you have more or less defined your table, the next step is to place a chair and here again you have many options. Not only because there are several models with light tones, there are also even with the armrests and back made of wood that could perfectly match the aesthetics of the desk.

Some storage

If you need to have some storage on your desk, you should possibly consider the solution offered by the MOPPE mini dresser. It is ideal for small objects such as different stationery items, memory cards, batteries or cables and their respective chargers, among others.

Logically there are more types of boxes and even trays for documents that you can find with that aesthetic point that fits with your own style and that, in addition to being something functional, also allows you to use it as a decorative element. For example, the DRONJOND organizer or the REJSA boxes .

Likewise, one of the accessories that we recommend the most is the ELLOVEN monitor base with drawer, because it is useful and also aesthetic.

Shelves to place your decorations

As an influencer, it is very likely that you need to take photos or even videos on a recurring basis, both of the products you want to show and yourself. In both cases, having a good background is important and in that case the walls are key, so it is better not to have them empty.

If you take a walk through some sections of IKEA, you will see that there are many options to decorate the walls of your workspace with style. Some suggestions:

  • LUGGAGE , this shelf for pictures also serves as a small shelf for objects that are not very large. Ideal for placing a pencil, small plant or some other derogation element such as vases, bottles, etc. It is also available in other colors, they are the MOSSLANDA shelves
  • SKADIS , without being a shelf itself, are one of the best organization options to place on the wall. So don’t lose sight of everything you can do with them

Ikea Sonos marco Symfonisk

By the way, since you are decorating the wall where you have your desk with style, it is also a good option to opt for the latest IKEA box speaker or the Symfonisk family of speaker lamp or shelf.

Lighting to match

In terms of lighting and for an influencer’s desk where aesthetics are taken care of in detail, there is no better option than the FORSA flexo lamp . The design and glossy finish make it look really good in any space and especially in well-lit ones.

Of course there are more options, such as the RANARP or YPPERLIG lamp. The first is also a classic and stylish option, while the second has a more modern air with very characteristic lines.

An attractive space for influencers

As you can see, creating an attractive space to enhance your profile as an influencer is quite simple with these recommendations. Still, you don’t have to be one of these people with thousands of followers on social media .

If you like aesthetics and you want a space that is pleasing to the eye, you just have to take advantage of these ideas and add your own. And by the way, if you have any ideas or suggestions to start shaping your desktop, etc., feel free to share them. Because we will be happy to read them.