Take better macro photos with your mobile with these simple tricks

Take better macro photos with your mobile

Macro photography is one that allows us to see small details of our world that we cannot observe with our own eyes with the naked eye. Taking this type of photos with cameras has a very high cost, almost prohibitive. However, smartphones have brought us (pun intended) this world. More and more terminals with macro lenses are being offered and sold. Thanks to this, we can stimulate and challenge our creativity, as well as surprise our Instagram feed with very interesting photos.

Of course, it is not just approaching and shooting. Taking a quality macro photo with a mobile device is not an easy task. Therefore, in this post we will tell you a few tips so that you can improve your macrophotographs.

Don’t settle for Macro mode

Macro mode is just the starting point for many smartphones. Each brand has its modes, and sometimes they are very limited , which can cause you to quickly tire of the experience.

However, it is always possible to transform the main camera lens into a macro using accessories . If you are getting curious, you can level up by using lens adapters. This is the case of Moment products or the famous Olloclip.

If not, you can experiment a MacGyver. You can attach a small lens (from an old record recorder, for example) to the objective of your mobile. There is a more extreme case, which is to place a drop of water on the standard lens of the terminal. In both cases, you will cause a “myopia effect” that will allow you to focus in just a few millimeters. By the way, this last trick is only recommended if your smartphone has a water resistance certificate.

Think about lighting

It is useless to be in front of the most curious flower you have ever seen if when taking the photo you give it shade. The macro in mobile terminals has the drawback of the focus distance . We have to get very close to the subject to keep it in focus and this can ruin the shot.

A small led strip connected to a powerbank and a few sheets of paper can level up your macro photos. However, you don’t need to spend money on lighting either. You just have to be creative and use the resources available .

The simplest things you have in your backpack can be great allies. Use pieces of paper as reflectors to enlarge the natural source of the Sun. Or quite the opposite: cover the subject (with a folder, for example) to leave it completely in shadow. So you can build your own lighting scheme from scratch.

Use the Manual Mode of your Smartphone

If your mobile does not have a specific macro mode and you are going to take the photos using accessories, it is best to use the manual mode of the camera app. The reason? Although the ISO and speed parameters set by hand can help us, the really interesting thing is to lock the focus .

With the focus always fixed on the same point, you only have to zoom in and out of your smartphone from the subject to take the photo. Taking autofocus out of the equation will save you a lot of time and out of focus photos.

Editing Tips

Trim the distorted area

Macro photography tends to cause quite a bit of distortion, especially when not using professional cameras. Sometimes the blurred part of the image can serve to give the viewer context . But in other cases, the blurry spot is only going to be distracting. In those cases, it is best to crop the image , either square or keeping the original format. In this way you will focus all your attention on the important part of the image and you will apply the famous “less is more” rule.

Apply digital approach

In any image editing app like Lightroom Mobile or Snapseed there are tools to give a little highlight to the image and make it look sharper. This tool is usually called “Sharpen” and applies a sharpening mask. With this little trick we will recover some sharpness, which is usually the weak point of macrophotography on mobile phones .

With these tricks, we are convinced that your photos will take a good leap in quality. You will not only take advantage of your smartphone, but you will also be able to squeeze all your ingenuity and capture it on your social networks.