TuLotero: the App to Buy Lottery Comes to Google Play

With the accelerated pace of life that we lead, we do not always have the possibility of approaching our trusted administration, although in order not to be left without buying that lottery ticket with our favorite number, we can now benefit from how easy it is to do it online from our mobile Android. The TuLotero app has come to Google Play to stay and allows us to easily buy tickets.

Whether we usually participate in special draws or we are regular users, we will be able to complete our bets 100% safely in the application. Also on the TuLotero website we have immediate access to more than 500 associated lottery administrations through which we can buy, check and repeat tickets immediately.

All the advantages of TuLotero just one download

Previously, the TuLotero app for Android only allowed us to check results and save our tickets, although after adapting to the new Google policies we can now fully install TuLotero on Android mobiles with the touch of a button, which will give us access to all its advantages and the amenities it offers. From there we will be able to fill in from the Euromillions , to the Quiniela, through the primitive and the rest of the available bets.

app tulotero google play

A simple and intuitive app with a design that has helped it rise to the Top 6 in the general ranking of Android applications and the Top 2 in entertainment with a very positive rating of 4.8 stars. Among the advantages of the app we find the possibility of sharing tickets in a group, whether they are friends, co-workers or relatives, being able to create groups of up to 100 people to play the lottery, the fastest and safest way that nobody takes the prize without having put in their part of the money.

Another advantage of the app is that we will be able to collect the prize directly from the bank account without any type of commission, so it will not be necessary to travel neither to fill in the tickets nor to collect them, having everything at our fingertips in the complete TuLotero app. If you are also one of those who has to write down the tasks, you can not worry about buying your favorite number each week or placing a bet, because we can automate the draws and thus we will not regret having forgotten the draw.

A unique prize with a discount to launch the app

The advantages of the arrival of TuLotero to Google Play do not remain only in its easy access or the fast and automatic updates that we enjoy from now on, to celebrate it they have shared a discount code with which we can benefit from our new Sign up to participate in any lottery draw through the app.

app tulotero android movil

To use the code, we just have to click on “I have a code” at the time of registration and enter the exclusive code for our site: movilzona21. Once we access the app we find in our account with 1 euro available to choose what we want to use it for and whatever the bet, we will receive a notification on our mobile to know if we are the winners of the draw in which we have participated.

Next Thursday, June 4, there is a super jackpot, known as Euromillions Big Friday with 130 million euros to the first prize, which may be a good idea to use the discount code. Already in the month of September TuLotero was in charge of giving the first Big Friday prize from one of the associated lottery administrations, specifically Administration 29 of Valladolid and this time luck could be on our side.