How to Troubleshoot Notification Issues in Honor

Honor phones have the Magic UI personalization layer, basically similar to EMUI, which can be found in Huawei phones. Sometimes the layer for various reasons such as the battery and its optimization, make us have problems with the notifications for example of WhatsApp and until we enter the app we do not receive them.

This problem can lead to many headaches, trying notifications to appear properly and allowing our mobile to recover to normal. The truth is that the adjustments linked to the notifications in Honor are very extensive and therefore we will explain step by step and little by little so that they work as they should.


The battery manager is limiting your notifications

One of the most common causes that can be given to us on our Honor mobile is that the battery is limiting the use of apps and therefore we do not receive notifications until we enter them. This can occur when the battery saving is activated, although it is very common to occur without prior notice due to our configuration. If we want to change it we will have to follow a few simple steps.

Control de energía Honor

In the first place and as you can see in the image, we go to the phone settings, then look for the section called battery and find several options. We will press on start of applications and inside we will be able to choose the option to manage manually in important apps such as those of messaging or notifications of our telephone company. In the case of games or stores we can allow them to be managed automatically to save on battery consumption.

Notification Manager

We set aside the management of the battery to verify that in the notifications section we have them activated in those apps that give us problems. To do this we will go to Settings> Notifications and choose one of our apps. As you can see in the images, we have to allow notifications of this app, in addition to marking the option of strips at the top so that they are shown in the notification bar.

notificaciones móviles honor

We can go one step further and customize them to our liking, entering the notifications section of groups or individuals and giving the priority we want to each of them. In many occasions within WhatsApp and other messaging apps the groups do not interest us and within Magic UI, the manufacturer Honor gives us the possibility to adapt this.

If we prefer, we can make our mobile screen turn on every time we receive a notification, although this will increase the battery consumption on our mobile and we may not need it.

notificaciones 2 moviles honor

Avoid closing multitasking apps

When using the gestures of Honor mobiles , we have the option to see all open apps in multitasking. From this section we can close them all at once and it can lead to notifications of the apps not reaching us until we open it again.

Bloquear apps Honor

To avoid this we can fix them, as we show in the images we have at the top the option to establish the app as important by means of the padlock , thus avoiding that it is constantly closed and we can close the others without having to lose any important notification.

With this series of tips, notifications should appear without any problem, unless we activate airplane mode or have battery saving activated, in which the majority of processes stop for our mobile phone to last longer on and not stay totally disconnected