Tricks to prevent your car battery from discharging

The battery of an electric car is a fundamental element. Recharging times, the autonomy of the car, the final weight and, in short, the use we make of the vehicle during the day to day depend on the battery. The battery has the mission of supplying energy to the electric motor so that it generates movement, fulfilling the same function as an engine in a gasoline or diesel car. Now, what can we do so that it does not download?

The battery of your electric car also discharges

prevent your car battery from discharging

The lung of the electric car is its battery and we must take care of it. The mechanics of an electric car is very different from that of conventional fuel cars, so you have to know how to understand the needs of the vehicle and the battery.

So much so that its durability and autonomy are two factors that, even today, are in full debate. But do you know how to make the unit not have download problems? Or what is the same; How can we avoid that this may have some kind of setback when it comes to its operation?

It is true that electric cars are very reliable and tend to generate fewer problems due to being stationary than combustion cars, but there is a component of electric vehicles that is in particular danger if we do not pay attention to it for a long time: the battery. This can be due to a series of facts. even, it is more than frequent that these can be discharged from time to time without having the same operation as the batteries of conventional motors.

How can we do it

Although the car battery is a rechargeable component, there is a time when it becomes completely discharged and may not accept any charge . This is because it wears out and reaches the end of its useful life. Therefore, for its duration to be longer, some care is necessary.

In any case, the most important thing is the damage they can suffer if they deteriorate for that reason. That is, they become sulfurized due to the reaction of sulfuric acid with the metal and release a sticky, white or greenish powder, causing a major breakdown . To prevent this from happening, we are going to give you a series of tips to keep your electric car in perfect condition.

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Keep the car battery between 60 and 90% charge

In principle, what we must do is follow the instructions indicated in the vehicle manual, unplug it from the charging point when it is 100% charged and when we can, turn on the air conditioning to discharge the batteries a little and put it back on charge to maintain batteries in good condition.

Most electric cars have applications with which we can check the state of charge of the battery from the mobile. Ideally, keep them between 60 and 90% charged whenever possible.

Use slow discharge or apply a battery maintainer

In your case, for these electric cars, it is not necessary to keep it plugged in all the time nor to have it at 100%. To activate the system, the ideal is to turn on the air conditioning. The new electrified vehicles have a management system with which they keep the battery at the optimum charging point.

If you do not have this system, it is recommended to use the slow download . Another useful resource is a battery maintainer . Its mission is to maintain a battery that already has some charge. Although in some cases they can act as slow chargers.

Install a charging point at home

Also, keep in mind that if you leave the electric car battery charging for a long period of time, there will come a time when the charger will perceive that the battery has lost a small amount of charge. And then it will let the current pass again until it detects again that it is at 100%. This causes both the charger and the battery to reach a temperature that is not convenient for them and will impair their proper functioning.

The best way to avoid this situation is by installing a recharging point at home or in the parking lot, so that the car always sleeps connected and you don’t have to rush through your day to day. You can visit our article on electric car charging points for more information.