Tricks to Log out of All Websites at Once from Chrome

For convenience, when we log in to a site from a web browser, such as Google Chrome, the browser allows us to save the session so that, when we visit it again, we are already inside and we do not have to enter again. In addition, it will offer us the possibility of saving the username and password so that we do not have to worry about forgetting it. Over time we accumulate more and more open sessions in the browser, which can be a danger if someone manages to control our computer. And closing them one by one is impractical, in addition to running the risk of forgetting some. So what can we do? The answer is simple: log out of all of them.

The logins of the web pages are saved mainly through what we know as cookies. These small files are those that save, among other things, all the information of the user’s session. In this way, when we enter a website, and its corresponding session cookie is found, we will already be inside without having to log in.

 Log out of All Websites at Once from Chrome

Therefore, there are two ways to log out . The first of them is by deleting the cookies in the browser so that, when the session is not found, we have to re-enter by hand. And the second is by forcing the webs to expire the current cookie and forcing us to generate a new one. The second method is much more manual and complex, therefore we are going to explain several ways to do it in this first way.

Delete session cookies in Google Chrome

The simplest and safest way to close all sessions of our browser is to clean the cookies . These are generated automatically while we browse, and there are many types: session, tracking, activity, etc.

Browsers do not differentiate between cookies, but save them all together within the user profile folder. Therefore, by deleting them we will log out of all websites and, incidentally, we will protect our privacy.

To carry out this task, what we must do is enter the Chrome Settings menu, and we will move to the ” Privacy and security ” section. Here, the first option that appears is “Clear browsing data”.

Borrar cookies Chrome

We can use the basic deletion options, which performs the complete cleaning of the browser, or the advanced options to choose what we want to delete. If we choose the advanced options we must make sure to check the ” cookies and other website data ” option.

In the “Time interval” section we will choose “forever” so that absolutely all of them are deleted, and not only those that have been generated recently. And ready. We click on ” Delete data ” and that’s it. We restart the browser and, when we try to enter a website again, we will see that we have to log into it again.

The session in Google will not be closed so that we can continue to keep all the browser data synchronized.

Use Logify to log out of the 40 most popular websites

If we do not want to delete cookies manually as we have just explained, there is a website that will allow us to do it for us very quickly and easily: Logify. This website allows us, with a single click, to log out of more than 40 online platforms so that, if we try to enter them again, it will ask us for the username and password again.

To do this, what we must do is access this link , and we simply have to click on the large button that appears in the center of the page. This website will automatically be in charge of logging out of Google, Office, Gmail, Amazon, PayPal, Steam and other websites that it supports.


The changes are made at the level of cookies within our browser, overwriting the current ones and rendering them invalid. Therefore, it only affects the browser from which we open this web page, not all the others. If we want to close the session in other browsers, we must open this website and repeat the process to close it in all the others.

This website is very useful, especially when we use a browser that is not ours and we are in a hurry. Simply by entering it, with one click, we can protect our sessions. This website works for Chrome and for any other browser.

Super Logout, automatic logout without a click

Another website similar to the previous one that will allow us to quickly log out of a wide variety of websites is Super Logout . We can access this website by clicking here .

Super Logout

This website will automatically close the session in the previous web pages without having to do anything. The website does not have any type of interaction, so simply entering it will close the session on all these websites.

In case you want to cancel the process before it ends, we simply close the tab and that’s it. Although, since the process only lasts a few seconds, we probably won’t have time to cancel it. In the event that this happens, we will simply log back into the websites and be able to use them again.

Logout 4 All, automatically log out of Twitter, Facebook and more

Social networks are increasingly part of our day to day. For this reason, most of us usually have a session in them so that, for convenience, we can visit them whenever we want. However, what happens when we want to close the session to prevent other people from connecting to our social networks? We can go one by one by closing the session, or we can delete the cookies as we have explained previously. However, the process is too manual and impractical.

With this simple extension what we are going to achieve is that the session is automatically closed in our social networks automatically, without having to do anything else.

Developer: neel iyer

Once the extension is installed, the first thing we will do is select the websites from which we want to close the session. For example, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.

Logout 4 All

In addition, you also have the possibility to clear the browser cache, history and downloads made automatically. Thus, we can perform a quick and easy cleaning of the sessions and temporary files of our browser.