Tricks to Better See the Mobile Screen on the Beach

Mobile Screen on the Beach

Summer has already started, and many of you will surely take advantage of any occasion to go to the beach. In fact, the rise in temperatures that await us leads us to make even more the decision to go to cool off in the sea. However, many of you will not be able to detach from your smartphones and will have to use it while sunbathing on the beach.

The problem is that it can be a challenge to look at the touch screen in the sun to check something as simple as mobile notifications. Guilty? the sunlight that falls on the terminal panel and makes it almost impossible for us to see the content well. Therefore, we are going to explain how you have to act when you take your phone to the beach and you can use it without any problem.

How to see the mobile in the sunlight

It is clear that, when going to the beach, it is inevitable that the quality of the vision of the screen is reduced in the rays of the sun. And although, luckily, today’s mobile devices are capable of adjusting the brightness automatically so that, in certain more extreme situations, they can increase it as much as possible to achieve greater visibility. However, it will not be perfect, although it will be strong enough so that we can check notifications or respond to messages without leaving our eyes on the screen.

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To further increase visibility, we recommend purchasing any type of anti-reflective screen protector. With this simple accessory, we can minimize all the effects that sunlight makes on the panel of our mobile device. In addition, they are not difficult to find for any terminal model. So, in this way, you will be able to counteract even more the effects of light.

Another option, although not the best, will be to take advantage of the accessibility settings that some smartphones have to invert the colors. That is, with these changes we will be able to better distinguish the elements of the terminal panel, but the colors will change and will not have much to do with reality. Although it is important to know it, since, at some point, it can become a good solution.

However, not all screens act the same before the sun, since it will also depend on their technology. For example, AMOLED technology usually works much better in light than IPS technology. That is, if you have a mobile with this type of panel, you will be in luck. Since you will suffer to a lesser extent the effects of the sun’s rays and you will be able to enjoy your mobile phone on the beach without much difficulty.

And we cannot forget that the most current sunglasses filter the light to protect us from UVA and UVB rays. In addition to this, being polarized they reduce the brightness. Therefore, if you are used to using your mobile with sunglasses, you will have to be careful that they are not of this type. Basically, because mobile screens are also usually polarized to improve visibility. In this way, when we look at the panel we will see it very dark, since we will achieve a double polarization effect of the image.