Tricks to Better Configure the Screen in Windows

When we sit down to work with our Windows-based PC on a daily basis, there are several components that help improve the user experience. Here elements such as the mouse or keyboard that we use constantly come into play. We must also configure in the best way another extremely important component such as the screen in Windows.

It could be said that this is the output device par excellence of our PC, hence its importance is paramount in most cases. It is true that at first what we must do is acquire, if possible, a quality screen . And it is that along with other elements such as memory, processor or graphics, the quality of the screen is something basic. In this way we will have the possibility to get the most out of both the system and the applications or games that we run on Windows .

Tricks to Better Configure the Screen in Windows

Aware of all this, those of Redmond propose a good number of functions that facilitate this that we tell you. In fact, in these same lines we are going to show you a series of tricks that will help you to improve and correctly configure this component in Windows.

Change screen brightness in Windows

Whether we work with a laptop or a desktop PC , the brightness of the screen is something that we must bear in mind. Depending on the light conditions in which we work, or our eyesight, we must adjust this parameter as best we can. This will help us balance the autonomy of the PC and make the screen less damaging to the eye.

This is especially important if we spend many hours working in front of the PC, both during the day and at night.

Set the resolution to use in Windows

Windows, as we mentioned before, offers us a good number of parameters that allow us to adjust the use of the PC screen to the maximum. One of these is the one that refers to the resolution with which we want to work in the operating system. This will make the elements that make up the software appear of one size or another, as well as more or less sharp. Here the most common is to establish the resolution recommended by the same system, but we can vary it if we see it better.

Specify the update frequency

Another of the sections that we must take into account here is the update frequency . This is a parameter that becomes especially important if we play high-resolution videos from the Redmond system, or play regularly. Well, it is worth mentioning that this is something that we can adjust from the System Configuration application.

frecuencia pantalla

We can access it through the Win + I key combination, which opens a new window. In it we will have to go to the System section, and then click on Screen in the left panel. At the bottom of this window we find a link that reads Advanced screen configuration, where we will have the possibility to specify the frequency within the supported ranges.