Trick to Remove Notification in Chrome

At the moment, most of us move around the Internet, in one way or another, almost constantly. For this we use programs of the importance and significance of Google Chrome, Edge or Mozilla Firefox, for example. Here we will focus on the most used at the moment such as Chrome, and its notifications .

These programs to which we refer, due to their importance and significance, are packed with functions that try to improve our experience with them. From here we have the possibility to read news, work, play, talk to the rest of the world, watch movies and series, etc. However, many of the built-in features that we have to live with can turn into a serious annoyance over time.

Trick to Remove Notification in Chrome

This is precisely the case in which we are going to focus on these same lines. Specifically, we refer to the notifications that many of the current browsers transmit to us from the websites we visit. These are mostly presented in the form of notices sent to us, for one reason or another, by the online sites we access. It is true that this does not always happen, and sometimes for some it is even useful. But these days, many of these web notification notices are more of a nuisance than anything else.

What are and how do Chrome notifications work?

Keep in mind that by default, the Google Chrome browser sends us notifications in the form of notifications from time to time. These occur every time a website we visit, an online application or an installed extension wants to send us some kind of message. These can be useful, as they can have an advertising or sales nature. If necessary, you have to know that we have the possibility to change this option at any time in the program itself in a simple way.

And we must bear in mind that when we browse certain websites , they often send us invasive or misleading notifications. These arrive in our Chrome window if the program does not block them automatically. Of course, we must know at the same time that if we are browsing in incognito mode, we will not receive any notification of these.

Trick to remove notifications from notifications

As we mentioned, in case you are tired of receiving this type of notification notifications that reach us in Chrome, let’s see how to avoid them. Actually we have two configurable parameters that allow us to block these elements completely, or only some, the emerging ones.

To do this, first of all all we have to do is go to the address bar of the program, and write the following:


At that moment a new window of the program itself will appear on the screen where we see a section called Notifications. In it we see an option called The sites can ask you if you want them to send you notifications.

notificaciones Chrome

If we deactivate this option, we eliminate the notifications that will reach the browser, completely. However, in the event that we leave it active, we can let Chrome block some of these notifications. To do this, it is enough that we activate the alternative option Use more discreet notifications.