Trick to have unlimited storage on Telegram

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps ever. The app has a multitude of functions, including private chat to leave notes to yourself, channels, supergroups, synchronization with the cloud so you don’t have to depend on your mobile, and unlimited storage to share all kinds of content. Now, a group of developers have taken advantage of this feature to create a more convenient unlimited cloud storage system.

Trick to have unlimited storage on Telegram

Over the past few years, many have wondered how Telegram could offer unlimited storage and all of its features without charging. The answer was that its creator, Pavel Durov, had a lot of money after selling the VK social network in Russia. However, now the platform has resorted to offering a payment method with more functions, as well as putting ads in the channels.

TeleDrive: unlimited storage for $10 a year

Despite this, storage is still free. The app allows unlimited file uploads, although each file is limited to 2 GB in size. In addition, Telegram has an API that allows developers to use the cloud storage function, and through it they have created an open source project called TeleDrive to have unlimited storage.

The creators of TeleDrive have taken advantage of this functionality to create a service with two modes. The free modality has a limit of 1.4 GB of daily traffic , being able to upload and download files of up to 2 GB. However, there is a payment method, where, for 10 dollars a year , you have unlimited upload and download speed without daily limits. The service even allows us to preview the multimedia contents that we upload, whether they are videos or audios.

You can close at any time

The problem with paying for this service is that Telegram can stop this type of use at any time. If they limit it, the service will stop working and you will lose the money you have paid. In addition, although it has no ads, the project will be advertised later to reduce the cost of development and operation.

Another serious problem with this service is the issue of privacy. When we store something in the cloud, only we can access it. In this case, nothing would prevent developers from accessing the content you store. The files that are uploaded are private by default, but we can always make them public by generating a URL so that anyone can download them just by using the link. In addition, it is necessary to log in with our mobile and our account, although in principle only a token that validates Telegram itself is used, so they will not be able to access our data.

Thus, although the price is very attractive, it is better to look for services where we are certain that it will not be castrated in the future. One of the most competitive for what it offers is Backblaze, which costs $7 a month or $70 a year, and allows unlimited cloud storage for anything you want from one device. Also, if we lose the data, the company can send us the hard drive by courier to copy all the files to our computer.