Travel to the US: which companies include roaming

Now in summer we all take advantage of our vacations to escape to some distant destination. One of these destinations can be the United States, a country for which we have to get on a plane for several hours. One of the main concerns that a traveler may have in this country is whether or not they will be able to use their mobile phone , and that, as we will see in this article, will depend exclusively on the operator you have contracted.

Although in most European countries we can enjoy our mobile phones as usual thanks to roaming, things change a lot when we leave the continent . As you will see a little later, not all companies offer roaming in the United States, although we do have several that have been offering it for some time.

Travel to the US: which companies include roaming

These operators offer roaming in the US

As we have said before, there are not too many operators that offer roaming in the United States. Most companies focus on what is known as the European Economic Area, and there are few exceptions to this where operators offer this service. The clearest example of this can be seen in the United Kingdom, which as it is no longer part of the European Union, there are several operators that no longer have free roaming in this country.

If we now talk about specific operators, we will see how several do not offer us free roaming if we move to the United States. For example, Movistar is one of the operators that does not offer this free roaming, charging 1.82 euros per minute for local calls or calls to Spain, as well as for calls received (call establishment of 1.21 euros). Calls to other destinations will cost 4.83 euros per minute, and SMS will cost 1.21 euros. If we talk about browsing, Movistar offers 500 Mb a day for 6.05 euros.

Movistar Roaming

Another fairly important operator in our country that does not offer free roaming in the United States is Orange. This operator would charge us 1.69 euros per minute both to call and to receive calls, as well as 1.21 euros for SMS. The problem of this operator in Orange will come with the data, since it will charge us 12.1 euros per day for 1 MB . If you are an Orange customer, the smartest thing to do is to get the bonus called Everywhere , which gives us 30 minutes of calls per day and 100 MB for only 7 euros. It has no permanence, so you can activate and deactivate it whenever you want.

Vodafone, on the other hand, is offering free roaming for all users who go to the United States. This means that if you activate roaming you will be able to use your Vodafone rate in the United States in the same way that you would in Spain . You will be able to call everything you want with your mobile without worrying about the bill, just as you will also be able to surf the Internet in the same way. The only thing we have to keep in mind is that if we have an unlimited rate we will have a limit of gigabytes per month to spend: 24 GB for Unlimited Essential, 26 GB for Unlimited Advanced and 32 GB for Unlimited Plus.

As is the case with Vodafone, the operators MásMóvil, Yoigo, LlamaYa and Pepephone are also offering free roaming to all their customers who travel to the United States. While Yoigo, LlamaYa and MásMóvil do it normally, Pepephone has a slight handicap with respect to these. As explained by the operator on its support page , Pepephone customers will only be able to enjoy SMS and navigation data, but they will not be able to make or receive calls. In all these operators we will have, as in Vodafone, a reasonable limit to use our data.