5 mobile apps to manage your cryptocurrencies like an expert

Today there are many people who bet on investing in cryptocurrencies. Regardless of whether the investment is made with a small capital or with a large one, it is important to have our investments controlled, and what better way than to do it from our mobile. In the application stores there are some that we can use to manage our cryptocurrencies, and in this article we bring you the best ones for it .

The first and most important thing you should know about these apps is that they are completely safe , so you will not run any risk when using them. Your investments will be safe with them, and you can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies, also keeping track of their price.

5 mobile apps to manage your cryptocurrencies


Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps that we can find in app stores. With this app we can safely buy, store and sell several different cryptocurrencies , not just Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Thanks to this app we can also be informed of any news or important movement in the world of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the security of this app is very high , including the same security and verification systems used by the online banking sector.


Another quite popular option to be able to manage your cryptocurrencies is called Kraken, and like the previous one, it is totally free. With this we will have no problem buying, selling or managing the most relevant cryptocurrencies on the scene .

With this app we can deposit our cryptocurrencies in it in a totally safe way, and we can even use Google Pay to buy cryptocurrencies ourselves. Like Coinbase, Kraken has a high level of security that will allow us to even place biometric data to access the application itself .


To speak of Binance is to speak of one of the most important cryptocurrency platforms on the scene . This has its own mobile application that, in fact, works wonderfully to manage our cryptocurrencies.

The app has a double interface according to our experience in the sector , being able to configure a simpler one or a more complex one for the most expert. This app also has a very high level of security, so you should not fear anything if you intend to store your cryptocurrencies in it.


Bittrex is also another great option that we can use to manage our cryptocurrencies from our mobile phone. This app allows you to check prices, trade on the go and stay on top of everything you need to know about your cryptocurrencies .

The app has some very interesting tools so that we can be aware of the prices of cryptocurrencies. We are not only talking about the main ones, but Bittrex is used to control prices of more than 250 different cryptocurrencies . The app allows us to manage our portfolio from the phone, and has measures to prevent data loss.


We close the list with BRD, an app that may not be as well known as the ones above it, but it works very well if what we want is to manage our cryptocurrencies. With this app we will be able to safely store our wallet on our mobile , thanks to a hardware encryption that this application has.

As the app itself explains in its Google Play Store file, BRD connects directly to the Bitcoin network and does not depend on its servers, which means that this app cannot access our financial information and that we will have control of our money always .